Is it Queerbaiting? and Should it Be Explicitly Stated For It to Be Legit?


Hey guys! So this is going to be my last post before I disappear on you all again. It was basically inspired by Pride Month and just a burning curiosity I’ve had since Yuri on Ice aired (plus, now that I’m obsessed with Sherlock the curiosity levels are off the charts!). As a warning, this post might seem all jumbled up (and has SPOILERS for YOI and Sherlock) because even I’m not sure where I’m going with this

So before I even mention if I think it is or isn’t, let’s find out what Queer baiting means

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OWLS on ICE!! Blog Tour

I can’t believe we’re already in February! Next thing you know it’s going to be March, April, May, DECEMBER! Haha

As a recap, we just completed our first OWLS Blog Tour on January 30th and we’re not stopping there just yet. We’ve already got February all lined up with great posts for you all. Great posts featuring a certain ice skating anime, anyone care to guess?

So here’s the story: OWLS had this very democratic election for when the next tour would be and about what. Sneaky me went ahead and put in a ton of YOI ballets without anyone noticing and BAM YOI Blog Tour (but seriously, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, I see you Arria hehehe)

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One of the reasons YOI got such a huge crowd (I feel) is that it treated being gay as secondary and touched on issues of gender identity successfully (subjective here). Neither Victor or Yuri were defined by their sexuality and they were your normal everyday characters with relatable life problems. Because of that (and their over 9000 Cuteness levels), OWLS decided it would be a great series to talk about during February, the supposed month of love and friendship Continue reading

Yuri on Ice episode 11: the end is near…

OK GUYS, so I wasn’t going to post anything because I’m overall a lazy person but I have so many feels right now over this episode!! I mean, I usually do but this one especially has my heart racing and possibly not in a good way.

Spoilers ahead for YOI ep 1- 11 because who can actually contain themselves?! Also, I’m going to be jumping around because I can’t get my thoughts in order right now


I’m going to assume the whole YOI fandom has already made their assumptions about Victor’s feelings from episode 10 and BOY I am right there with everyone! Continue reading

Fall 2016 First Impression [Part 1]

I was debating on how long I should wait before I wrote this post up but figured now would be a good time! I’m going to leave YOI for last because I already wrote up a quick “impression” when the first episode came out. And believe me, I will be posting more about it even before the series ends! Plus, we do gotta leave the best for last right? 😉

I’ll be writing these impressions with the assumption you guys have at least checked out the first episode so there might be spoilers for at least that Continue reading

Yuri On Ice!! My fujoshi heart needs more~

And the skating anime with the hot bishies is out and everyone I know is fangasaming over it or mourning the fact that they can’t watch right this instant!

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Yuri on Ice follows our main character Yuri Katsuki, a 23 year old who has been ice skating since he was a child, as he tries to win at the Grand Prix Finale in hopes of standing on equal grounds with his childhood hero Victor Nikiforov, the very lewd and proclaimed ‘living legend.’ After losing in the GPX, however, Yuri ends up going home, completely depressed and not sure of what to do next.

And it doesn’t help that Victor has shown up at his family’s hot spring inn after his friend’s children uploaded a video of him copying one of Victor’s routines! (or does it? 😉) Continue reading