Is it Queerbaiting? and Should it Be Explicitly Stated For It to Be Legit?


Hey guys! So this is going to be my last post before I disappear on you all again. It was basically inspired by Pride Month and just a burning curiosity I’ve had since Yuri on Ice aired (plus, now that I’m obsessed with Sherlock the curiosity levels are off the charts!). As a warning, this post might seem all jumbled up (and has SPOILERS for YOI and Sherlock) because even I’m not sure where I’m going with this

So before I even mention if I think it is or isn’t, let’s find out what Queer baiting means

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Yuri on Ice episode 11: the end is near…

OK GUYS, so I wasn’t going to post anything because I’m overall a lazy person but I have so many feels right now over this episode!! I mean, I usually do but this one especially has my heart racing and possibly not in a good way.

Spoilers ahead for YOI ep 1- 11 because who can actually contain themselves?! Also, I’m going to be jumping around because I can’t get my thoughts in order right now


I’m going to assume the whole YOI fandom has already made their assumptions about Victor’s feelings from episode 10 and BOY I am right there with everyone! Continue reading