Back but still on semi-Hiatus (plans for now til 2018)

Hey guys! So this is a bit of an update post for a couple things coming up this year

To start off…I’m “Back”. What do I mean by this? Well, my mom is way better and we hope that next week is her last visit to the doctors (she has to go back once a week so they can see if she’s healing right) but that doesn’t mean I’m in the clear. Yes I have more time but I also now have a second job as I plan to…

[insert drumroll]



I know, I’m so excited but also afraid because it’s not set in stone yet. It really depends on if I can find an affordable place to stay at (hint hint, anyone know where I can stay? any London readers here? please I really want to go :”D)

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Crimson’s Mini Con-season: What Conventions Am I Attending?

Hey guys! So this post is months late I believe. I know I usually post one of these at the beginning of the year because I already have most of my conyear planned out. Well, this year I was in a bit of a financial bind so it wasn’t until I got a job where I could definitely say if I could attend any conventions


And what conventions might that be? Well here are some “for sure” and “possibly” Continue reading

AX Schedule/Plans

Last year my brother and I decided to go to Anime Expo without much knowledge of how huge and packed the place was. We ordered our badges, plane tickets, and got hotel stuff in order only to find ourselves slightly overwhelmed. The line to get inside the convention center was ENORMOUS and the sun was trying to roast us.

The only reprieve we had were the little Crunchyroll fans we got with our badges. But we learned from our mistakes and got VIP badges this year!

The schedule was just released yesterday (I believe) and in hopes of not getting denied entry from a panel because it’s full, I kind of have a plan…lol

Here are the events I’ve highlighted. I want to make most of them but I also chose some panels that overlap. I placed * to show which panels I REALLY want to attend. Continue reading

Naka-kon Schedule for 2016 is out ^_^

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all in on some Naka-kon news~

Recently, OGZ told me that the 2016 schedule was out and I went ahead to check it out. I was both surprised and disappointed with what I found. Why was I disappointed? Well, like I mentioned before, the actual convention starts pretty late, at 4pm. And then there were the panels. There’s not much happening and when there is I’m forced to pick which two of really good sounding events I want to attend! Like, why couldn’t one of them be scheduled in those blanks where nothing is happening?!

So yes, I’m in a serious dilemma! There seems to be a lot of art/drawing/make a manga panels, which I’m totally pumped for and alongside all this are cosplay panels that I really wanted to go to as well… Continue reading