A Series of Posts to Help You Get Ready for Your (Possibly) First Convention [part 1: Packing]

Hey guys! IT’S MAY, and what does that mean? Convention season for Crimson has started this month (this past weekend actually)! And by convention season I mean “convention season” since I’ve had to cut down quite a bit on my outings this year


And it’s actually because of that cut that I now have more time to sit down and pass on my infinite wisdom to all of you young con-grasshoppers. If anyone wants my credentials for these posts: I got none (jk jk, I have attended like 2 conventions in my life, that makes me an expert, right?)

Now this was going to be one post but as I got writing, I realized I had quite a bit to say, so we’re going to have a second part later on this week. Possibly on Friday as I sit down and cry about the fact I can’t be in CA for the Sherlock Convention #CRIES

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Crimson’s Mini Con-season: What Conventions Am I Attending?

Hey guys! So this post is months late I believe. I know I usually post one of these at the beginning of the year because I already have most of my conyear planned out. Well, this year I was in a bit of a financial bind so it wasn’t until I got a job where I could definitely say if I could attend any conventions


And what conventions might that be? Well here are some “for sure” and “possibly” Continue reading

My (mis)Adventures at Colossalcon

After I got home from Fanime I knew my trip wasn’t complete. I got home, put my clothes to wash and repacked everything. I also knocked out for a whole day, which basically meant I had even less time to prepare.


Now, the reason I call this a misadventure is because I had less time to plan and therefore a lot of things went wrong… Continue reading

ACEN and FanimeCon Haul!

To think it’s been about two months since I last wrote something legit on this blog (how time flies and money disappears…)

As many of you know, Con-season started in May for me with ACEN (Anime Central), which is this tiny little thing (biggest con in the Midwest) happening in my “hometown” that I’ve been attending for YEARS now. And right after I went to Fanime, which is a convention out in San Jose, CA. It was my first time attending and the reason for it is down below, hehe Continue reading

Heading to CA for Fanime in 2 Days >_<

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and mention that I’ll be heading to Fanime in 2 days 😀

I know I mentioned Fanime a while back and then I completely dropped it. You see, after I quit my job I wasn’t so sure I could go anymore, what with bills, incredibly high debts everywhere, my new computer (which has been put on hold), and just my spending sprees in general. But being at ACEN really made me want to go to Fanime and I last minute booked everything!

I was lucky enough to find a room immediately (one of my previous roommates), however, plane tickets were a whole other issue. I didn’t know that this weekend was memorial day weekend but I suspected something, considering tickets were so expensive. I managed to get a “cheap” ticket that left from Chicago on Thursday and arrived on Tuesday (not in San Jose, in San Francisco so I have to commute a few miles too). The convention is from Friday to Monday so I am staying a bit longer. Luckily my roommate is going to be in the area on Thursday noon. Continue reading

ACEN starts tomorrow!!

Hey guys! So ACEN is tomorrow and I can’t exactly say I’m super pumped? I mean, it’s not that I’m not excited, I just feel like I’m not prepared, why?

Well, I haven’t even started “packing” yet. Unlike other years, this time, I’m not going to be staying at the hotel for financial reasons so I technically don’t need to worry about everyday items but there’s other stuff I should be packing. Things like items to be signed (I have no idea who the guests are), my bag (I haven’t bought snacks yet), and all my electronics are dead. Not even the portable battery is ready…huh, I wonder where I left my badge…

It’s a good thing I’m not cosplaying otherwise, I would be a disaster tomorrow.

I’m hoping to do some mini-videos for this weekend like the one I did for BookCon so if you’re on Instagram or Facebook be on the lookout. I haven’t decided what platform to use but I’m leaning towards FB because there’s no time limit (as far as I know). I’ll make sure to put them up here as well once the weekend passes 🙂

If I collect enough content I may also try my hand at a video for YT (lol). By the way, I find this post hilarious because it’s the complete opposite of another post I just wrote. Just know that I am a hypocrite

Also, out of curiosity, who else is going to ACEN and what events are you excited about?

Naka-Kon Haul: My First Year

Hello everyone! Well now, it feels almost like forever since I was last in Overland Park but really it was only…4 days ago? Ok so maybe it has been a while…that’s weird, how did we get to Thursday so soon?

Anyways, as many of you may know, I went out to Overland Park, KS for my first Naka-Kon convention this year at the recommendation of  OGZ and Takuto, two really cool guys in the anime community. Haven’t checked out their content? Well, what’re you waiting for? Click them links and send them some love~

Aside from this being my first Naka-kon, this was also the first badge I have where my name is Crimson613. Since I started going to conventions, my badge name has alays been Artemis (for the notorious Artemis Fowl) but I thought it’d be nice to start using Crimson on my badge this year. To kind of make myself a bit more ‘official’ (whatever that means). So yeah, there’s my sloppy handwriting, haha

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Convention Update: Naka-kon 2016!

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last updated my convention list and it seems that quite a bit has happened since I wrote up my tentative list.

I’ll start off with the good news before we work our way down.

I have just confirmed that I will be attending Naka-kon 2016! It’ll be my first time going out to Kansas and attending this convention. One of the reasons I really wanted to go to Naka-kon is because I know two of my favorite blogger buddies will be there (OGZ and Takuto). Guys, I’m going and I hope we can hang out for a while!

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What is/do you consider an anime convention?

Hey guys!

So I don’t know if many of you heard but last Saturday I went to Uchi-con at the University of Chicago and as I was trying to write my review for it I got stuck.

When I first heard of it, it was listed as an anime convention and I thought nothing of it. When I checked out their website and found out they were a one-day convention, I still didn’t think much about the term ‘convention,’ however, after I’d gone I was left wondering.


By definition “convention, assembly, conference, convocation are names for meetings with a particular purposes. Convention usually suggests a meeting of delegates representing political, church, social, or fraternal organizations.” Continue reading

2-in-1 Special: Yaoi-con + AWA Buys!!!

Hey guys! 🙂

So I recently went to two conventions, practically back to back! On the weekend of September 18 – 20 I went to one of my yearly cons, Yaoicon 😀 and from September 24 – 27 I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta! >_< I’ve been a busy congoer this month

IMAG1582Now, I usually post up a review of the convention before I post up what depleted my wallet into next year…but this time I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to show off all my goodies before I post up those reviews…which are in the making 😛

Anyways, since a while ago (maybe a month ago? going on two?) I started getting really into this sports anime called Ace of Diamond/Diamond no Ace/Daiya no A (an anime show of epic proportions), and ever since Miyuki showed his handsome mug on screen I’ve been smitten. So expect a lot of me looking around for Daiya specific merch 😀

We’ll start with Yaoi-con since I went there first!

So the plan had been to not spend a lot of money, of course, this went down the drain when I stepped into the swap meet. If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically like a dealer’s hall but everything that’s being sold is from fans so the merchandise can vary from brand new to used.

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