Blogging Bookmarks: May Roundup Part 2

It’s that time of month again! Here are some posts I’d like to share with everyone. But before that, I have a wee-bit update on my end

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I’m not really feeling the blogging right now. I am not feeling well emotionally and I’m basically tired every day. I have no idea what’s wrong with me so I’m going to hold off on content because 1) I’m tired and 2) I haven’t watched much anime or read much manga in a few weeks and 3) I’m not keen on starting since I’m into something else now Continue reading

Blogging Bookmarks: April Edition Part 1

Hey guys! Welcome to the new Spotlight Sunday, renamed to Blogging Bookmarks because I don’t have a creative bone in my body and what words start with Thu anyways?! Like I mentioned in a previous post, these “editions” will be posted on a biweekly basis, kind of like when you receive a paycheck and like my paycheck I’m going to keep this short…/CRIES

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I’ve been messing around how I present these posts to you all, so this is going to look a bit different from last time~ Most of these posts are old because I’m slow (orz) Continue reading

Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 3

Hey guys! Because I didn’t have much for last week, I made it my mission to dig up some great posts this week ^^

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Like I mentioned before, not everything is on wordpress but it’s just as great and I hope you all enjoy reading them! And yes, I was on tumblr reading some Tokyo Ghoul posts (hehe) Continue reading

Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 2

Wow, is it already Sunday again? And in March? How is time flying by so quickly? Next thing I’ll know it’s December (lol)

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But enough about how quickly I lose track of time! Now it’s time to share some blog posts and other random stuff that caught my attention this week~ Continue reading

Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 1

Hey guys, Welcome to my first Spotlight Sunday!

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Oh man, I’m so nervous (LOL). Like I mentioned before, Spotlight Sunday will feature a variety of things that I found especially interesting this week (or previous ones since I’ll try not to cram everything into one Sunday) Continue reading