A Series of Posts to Help You Get Ready for Your (Possibly) First Convention [part 2: Budget]

Hey guys! I hope you all enjoyed the con-season post from yesterday (if you’ve read it already, we’re moving pretty quickly here) where I talked about useful items to pack. But as I was typing it up, I realized that post was useful only if you already knew what convention you were going to attend. And then this post started to form in my head


This time I’ll be talking about things you might consider before deciding to attend a convention. Most of it relates back to budget, Enjoy! And if anyone has any more ideas for topics I should talk about, let me know in the comments section
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Crimson’s Mini Con-season: What Conventions Am I Attending?

Hey guys! So this post is months late I believe. I know I usually post one of these at the beginning of the year because I already have most of my conyear planned out. Well, this year I was in a bit of a financial bind so it wasn’t until I got a job where I could definitely say if I could attend any conventions


And what conventions might that be? Well here are some “for sure” and “possibly” Continue reading

My (mis)Adventures at Colossalcon

After I got home from Fanime I knew my trip wasn’t complete. I got home, put my clothes to wash and repacked everything. I also knocked out for a whole day, which basically meant I had even less time to prepare.


Now, the reason I call this a misadventure is because I had less time to plan and therefore a lot of things went wrong… Continue reading

2016 Conventions: Tentative List

Hey guys!

As the new year starts rolling in, I also start rolling out to unexplored conventions (even though I say unexplored, most of these conventions are some that I’m either a regular at or some I’ve gone to at least once before). While I had planned to tone down my con adventures, I found that it was pretty impossible to do so.

Luckily, my first convention seems to be listed for May, which gives me some time to save up for the dealer’s hall…probably, haha


ACEN [May 20-22, 2016 in Rosemont, Illinois]

The biggest of my local conventions, I’ve been attending since I was a wee-Otaku. I have yet to preregister but I will soon (the prices are going up after January 1st)! At this point the only thing I’m debating is whether to get a room or not  Continue reading