One More Week: Anime Matsuri!!

These past few days have been really con-filled and I just have to say one thing: One More Week!!!

Yes, that’s right! One more week and I won’t be here in Chicago anymore, I’ll be in Texas! It’s been one year since I was last out there and now I’ll be going once more for the same reason – Anime Matsuri ❤

Really the only thing I have to do now is remember to do my laundry before I leave

( ´∀`)

The con starts on Friday (or Thursday for those who go day 0, though I’m not sure what that is exactly…) and ends that Sunday so from April 3-5. I’ll be in Texas the day before and will be coming home on Tuesday (the tickets were cheaper that way since this is Easter Weekend).

I’ll also most likely not be staying at the con hotel which is really sad because I wanted to stay for the later events (I’m so afraid of walking out on my own especially when I don’t know the place).

Anyways, I heard the schedule was up and since I don’t have work today…I’ll be planning for the con. Some awesome treats that I’ll be looking forward to are the cosplays (my goal is to take lots of pictures), the main events (especially the fashion show, last year was great), and the guests, especially Reika! She’s actually the reason I’m going out there.

Kaname will also be out there this year, which is super exciting because his cosplay work is also awesome! I’d heard he was out here last year, somewhere in CA, and I’d mentioned to some roommates at Yaoi-con that meeting him would be pretty cool. Especially since they mentioned he was really nice and bam! Anime Matsuri decides to bring him!

I’m crossing my fingers that maybe this year we can interact more with the guests. Last year we were pretty much rushed through guest signatures and photo-ops and that’s really sad. These are Japanese guests that we may not see again (for good or for a long time) and I think it’s sad how strict everything is (and this is me comparing the treatment to the English guests/VA).

Ah, and here are the photobooks that I decided to buy. So far I’ve bought all the photobooks that Reika has brought (last year at AM and Yaoi-con) and this will also be my first time buying a Kaname book (with just his own work). So excited!

Pre-sales for photobooks are over but there are still some items available for purchase.

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

While browsing some manga I happened to stumble upon this story Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to read it! The only reason being that the mangaka was Mizushiro Setona, the creator of After School Nightmare. There’s also Sojou No Koi Wa Nido Haneru, the continuation of Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru. The second can be read on

Here we have Ootomo Kyouichi, a married guy who is constantly having affairs because he can’t say no to anyone, a bad habit that he’s had since his college years. One day his wife decides to hire an investigator named Wataru Imagase, to find out if Kyouichi is cheating on her.

What she didn’t count on, however, is that the investigator she hired is Kyouichi’s old classmate who is in love with him.

Things become even more complicated when Imagase gives Kyouichi the option of buying his silence with his body. Kyouichi agrees to the request on the condition that what they do doesn’t exceed kissing. Things are good until Imagase digs up another affair and the cycle repeats.

Regardless of having no evidence against her husband, Kyouichi’s wife decides to divorce him, claiming they have zero chemistry and that she has someone else she loves.

Kyouichi’s married life ends and 6 months later, Imagase decides to take advantage.  Continue reading The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

Lucky Number 13

For my first post I have decided to talk about a manga I just re-read.

I recently made an MAL account and I was trying to figure out what anime and manga I had watched. I had some bookmarks on mangahere so I transferred those. For some reason I started to wonder if I ever finished Lucky Number 13, especially since there was an update on my mangago account (I have accounts everywhere and forget about them later).

I went back and read it and fell in love again!

There are two volumes and the manga is by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.

Basically, the manga is about Satou Hiroshi, a cute boy who has a predisposition to extreme clumsiness and bad luck. Rumor has it that when he starts dating someone that bad luck is transferred to his partner and thus his popularity on campus swells. He’s known as the guy who gets dumped in less than a week because his partners can’t handle the constant abuse they receive from this ‘curse.’

As the manga starts we see him being dumped after only being with someone for three days. They both agree to break up and Satou is once again plagued by his clumsiness.  Continue reading Lucky Number 13

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