Get to Know Crimson

Just a few ice breaker questions I thought of (hehe)



  1. what’s your name?
    • i go by crimson or lisette but my real name is #topsecret
  2. why are you called crimson? is that your favorite color?
    • back when oblivion was new there was a quest where the character goes to an arena. when you’re finally at the top rank you get to pick a name and i liked crimson blade. crimson has stuck since then
    • my favorite color is probably blue, or black, or grey, or orange, or green, or red
  3. are you a girl or boy?
    • i’m a girl but i frequently play as guys on games and like to associate myself with male characters (my header)
  4. what’s your preferred pronoun?
    • i grew up as ‘she’ but i also like ‘they’ so either of those is fine
  5. how old are you?
    • college age, that’s all you need to know LOL
  6. do you go to school or are you a working adult?
    • it varies. sometimes i do both, sometimes i do one, sometimes i do neither…
  7. why is your blog called my fujoshi life?
    • i’m a fujoshi and this is basically my life in a blog. yeah, i do only read yaoi all day and if i have time i watch anime and well…do nerdy stuff (haha)
  8. how long have you been blogging?
    • i’ve had this blog since november 2014, however, i opened it up for business around march 2015. i had another blog i was running in 2014 but that died when i lost interest so almost three years if you start from 2014.
  9. why do you change your blog around so much?
    • i’m a fickle person. and this changing stuff happens frequently, sorry?
  10. other than weeb stuff and blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
    • i don’t? haha. i mean, i like to write stories, take pictures, and draw when i’m not too lazy. in terms of sports i sometimes play volleyball and bowling. obviously i play games and read but that’s part of blogging too so…i guess that’s all (haha)


  1. what are your top 10 anime?
    • it changes frequently. right now i’d say (in no particular order): cardcaptor sakura, samurai champloo, mob psycho 100, my hero academia, beyond the boundary, kobato, death note, kuroko no basket, ace of diamond, aaaand vision of escaflowne, maybe
  2. what are your top 10 manga?
    • this is so hard! ok let’s see…again, in no particular order: my hero academia, skip beat, tokyo ghoul, 07 ghost, black god, black butler, alice the 101st, blood alone, food wars, and hakkenden: eight dogs of the east
  3. can you recommend me some yaoi/bl series?
    • i don’t really watch yaoi so my list is lacking haha. doukyuusei was Amazing! and this boy is a professional wizard was cute, so those are my recs : ) for shounen-ai there’s loveless, no. 6, and yuri on ice!
  4. what about yaoi manga?
    • my, i hope you are ready for a list that rivals santa’s to do list! (jk…) for the sake of short answers here’s a short list. some of them are more shounen-ai while others are rated P for Perverts: warning! whispers of love, caramel, only the flower knows, seven days, honto yajuu, sick, finder, crimson spell, and so many more
  5. what’s your favorite genre? least favorite?
    • i tend to gravitate towards shounen series because i like action, fantasy, and lots of guys. i don’t really like slice of life or anything with too many girls as the main characters, my limit being 1. in the yaoi realm i don’t have a favorite genre, i like it in any setting
  6. do you read yuri?
    • i don’t make it a point to read it but yeah i do. i was curious about it a while back but found myself reading some crazy sh* so i ran away. luckily i’ve found some pretty cute recs from people so i’m ok now
  7. do you have favorite yuri series?
    • i read whispered words and really liked it. i also adore their story by tan jiu!
  8. who is your favorite character right now?
    • this changes as frequently as the hell i reside in. right now i’m not really in any hell so i’ll list general favorites: reigen, mob, L, ciel, bakugou, tsukki, hinata, and many more!
  9. what is your otp right now?
    • it varies depending on the hell i reside in. right now i’m not in any anime/otaku related one (as i’m hardly watching or reading any anime or manga)
    • my OTP right now is Johnlock, hit me right in the kokoro and i know i’m years late to the fandom but i love it. i’ll be talking more about this on my other blog and my youtube channel


  1. what conventions do you go to?
    • i try to go to as many local conventions as i can!  in a year i go to about 4-5 conventions (with the exception of 2017). i also try to go to a convention in CA at least once
    • overall i’ve attended the following conventions at least once: acen, anime expo, animeZAP, naka-kon, anime matsuri, colossalcon, fanime, uchi-con, otakon, anime weekend atlanta, anime world chicago, anime midwest, con-alt-delete, yaoicon, and ramencon. i hope to attend nycc and sdcc one day!
    • one day i hope to attend at least one international convention. in 2017 i’d like it to be SherlockedUK
  2. how do you decide which to attend?
    • generally i go to any local conventions if i have the money. out of state conventions will vary. sometimes i’ll go because they have a guest i really want to see (like reika at anime matsuri) or i want to meet with friends (lyn at fanime) or i hear good things about it (anime expo)
    • hehe, i actually wrote up a post about this! check it out


  1. what console do you play games on?
    • i’ve recently become more comfortable on my pc but i also play on the 360, ps4, my phone, and vita
  2. what kind of games do you like to play?
    • i like games with story and games where i can do my own thing (i believe these are called open world?). I don’t like shooting games because i suck at those. i’ve been trying to get into visual novels but i find them…boring
  3. what are your favorite games?
    • oblivion, skyrim, tamriel, fable 2, fable 3, left 4 dead, left 4 dead 2, and alice: madness returns. i also like the naruto games and that one call of duty game (an older one but i forgot what it was called). i don’t play a lot as my priorities lie in unlocking as many achievements as i can (rather than finishing a game)
  4. what games are you playing right now?
    • i’m still playing skyrim, sometimes i play tamriel and soon i will be playing morrowind. i recently tried dishonored and liked it, so hopefully i can play that once i’m on break

Feel free to send me an ask or leave me questions in the comments section if you want to know more about me~

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