2017 Spring Bloggiesta

So I just heard about this today (3.19.17) and it looks like I’m just on time to start for the Spring Bloggiesta! Basically we make a list of things we’d like to do to improve our blogs and try to complete things in that time with the help of the bloggiesta community

2017 Spring Bloggiesta 


The list can be as short or long as we want and I believe these goals should be attainable for the week of March 20 – 26, so here’s mine for My Fujoshi Life:

  • Write 3-4 reviews or posts with content (so no updates)
  • Attend at least one more Bloggiesta chat
  • Update old links on the blog and goodreads account (since I changed my url)
  • Clean up my navigation (ie. how to access reviews)
  • Do at least one mini-challenge
  • Comment on some of the bloggiesta community’s posts

Once I complete these I’ll write up an update below!

How Did I Do?


So the Spring Bloggiesta actually finished…three days ago, but I figured I’d go ahead and post about what I did and how I finished this challenge!

1. Write 3-4 reviews or posts with content (so no updates) ✔

I actually finished this! I’m really proud of myself this month because I’ve been posting about 3-4 times each week and that’s something I’ve been trying to work on for months

Here are the posts I wrote up:

2. Attend at least one more Bloggiesta chat ✔

Aside from the first Bloggiesta chat, I managed to catch the last one! But just barely (lol)

3. Update old links on the blog and goodreads account (since I changed my url) ✔

This one took forever! Or maybe it just felt like it. Some of the links on the site changed on their own and others I had to manually go and update. I think all of them are working fine now on the blog and the ones that were on Goodreads have been fixed up!

4. Clean up my navigation (ie. how to access reviews) ✘

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage this one. Biggest reason is that I’m not sure how to go about cleaning it up. I did update all my links in my pages so that the latest posts show up on there but other than that, I’m not sure how to organize them

I need to check out some blogs and see what would work for mine as well

5. Do at least one mini-challenge ✔

Crosspost a couple of my reviews to one of these sites


Since I’ve been semi-keeping up with my reviews on Goodreads, I figured I’d go ahead and just leave the links to my blog posts on there. Turns out I’ve got some 70 manga reviews! It quite the task. I was wondering if I should add an actual review to some of the stuff I read and blogged about in 2015 but got lazy. Besides, I didn’t remember everything and I didn’t want to post my whole review to Goodreads

I’m hoping to post elsewhere later on

Make a blog list and Blog Schedule


I’d initially made it so that I posted Manga Reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, however, I had to change it up because I started to watch some anime again. Instead of having those be Manga reviews, I changed it so they were reviews of any kind

Ideally, I’d like to post on all three days but realistically, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Instead, those are the days I’d like to schedule reviews for. Confessions of a Fujoshi will be posted on Saturdays and Spotlight Sundays are for Sundays. Other than that, the rest of the days are Open

6. Comment on some of the bloggiesta community’s posts

Success! I went ahead and commented only on the posts where the bloggers ask for feedback, but I did like and check out all the Spring participants’ posts ^^

No I didn’t complete all of the tasks before the week was over, but I managed to switch around anything that ended up being really hard to accomplish (blogging schedule had like 3 revisions) and I did feel productive. I still need to figure out what I can do for the navigation and then I feel I’ll be set!