Anime Connections: Why Rin frustrates me!

Hey guys! 🙂

So Unime decided to have this ‘weekly topics’ thing recently and for our first prompt we decided to talk about connections. At first I was slightly confused as to what this could possibly mean. I thought it had something to do with an anime that really impacted us and, therefore, got us into the genre but after some discussing I found that the ‘connections’ prompt could be something outside of that.

And thus I decided to talk about FREE!!, the sports anime with all the handsome bishounen who like to strip naked (not really but kind of) and be chum-chum with each other. Now, I do warn that this post is going to get a bit ranty and negative towards a certain shark toothed bishie so if you don’t like spoilers or want to hear me hate on your favorite character, please turn back now!

I probably won’t be too harsh…but I can’t promise anything…haha

I’ve actually wanted to write a post about this specific topic ever since I finished watching this anime but never really went ahead. This is my excuse to get everything off my chest so be ready for all the feels I’m about to impart on your lovely souls (though I’ll try to keep it brief for now…)

I’ll also keep this to the first season though I do have to admit that I had issues with Eternal Summer as well.

Let’s begin! What exactly is Free about?  Continue reading

I’m back! (UnimeTV Recruiting)

Hey guys, I’m back!

Just got home yesterday night (or this morning if we need to get technical, haha) and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to get back home! I’ve missed my daily dose of anime (where is that Roku remote?), novelas (I missed 2 episodes and they were at their critical points!), Twitter (it’s hard to stalk people when there’s no internet), and wordpress (i have like a million drafts). So the first thing I did when I woke up today was haul up my computer upstairs and now I’m here, ah, this is making me feel so much better~

It’s like being off coffee for a while and then getting a cup full of it and it’s heavenly! Which reminds me…I still haven’t drank any coffee yet…need iced coffee!! (preferably) I’d go get one but there’s only a tow truck outside and I’m not ready for something so enormous, haha

3Syq_IlCBut enough of that, now it’s time for some fun anime news! Before I left for California I had read through LynLyn’s post about UnimeTV recruitment. I went ahead and checked out the page, found it interesting, and next thing I knew I was applying to be a part of the community! Turns out I was accepted and am now a blogger on UnimeTV so I’ll be frequently posting about my activity there

Basically UnimeTV is a blog made up of many different bloggers in the anime realm and we work together to create some interesting and interactive content. So if you’d like to be a part of the community then please feel free to apply on the website or contact Javone at  Continue reading