Always Raining Here by Hazel + Bell

Hey guys!

Not sure if you all remember (I know I forgot for a while), but I mentioned being part of the 2o15 Manga Reading Challenge and here I am, writing about a possibly, hopefully web-manga. I know Daiya corrected me on my previous selection for the web-manga prompt and hopefully (*crosses fingers*) I got this one right!

And if not I’ll just find another category for it…haha! So yes, for web-manga I decided to pick Always Raining Here, a little comic I’d been meaning to check out for a while now but that I hadn’t for X-reasons. I can’t even remember why


But yes, this is a short little comic by Hazel + Bell, Hazel is the artist and Bell is the writer. I leave you their Tumblr accounts if anyone wants to check out their pages. They also try to update weekly and leave updates on each page. I believe I read (somewhere) that they were going to take a break for the holidays so yeah  🙂  Continue reading