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2017 Spring Anime Watch List

Hey guys! So I hear the 2017 anime lineup is already out and that it’s starting soon. Figured I’d finally get off my “anime break” now

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This season I haven’t watched anything because nothing caught my interest. Even on social media I haven’t heard anything (YOI is still dominating my tl). The only series I’ve heard about is the one with Tanya the Salaryman, but that’s only because my brother likes it and has been telling me to watch it (apparently just one episode will get me hooked)

But other than that, did anyone watch something interesting this season? I know I started Super Lovers but haven’t gotten around to finishing

As for the next season, here’s what I’m planning to watch! Continue reading 2017 Spring Anime Watch List

Fall 2016 First Impression [Part 1]

I was debating on how long I should wait before I wrote this post up but figured now would be a good time! I’m going to leave YOI for last because I already wrote up a quick “impression” when the first episode came out. And believe me, I will be posting more about it even before the series ends! Plus, we do gotta leave the best for last right? 😉

I’ll be writing these impressions with the assumption you guys have at least checked out the first episode so there might be spoilers for at least that Continue reading Fall 2016 First Impression [Part 1]

Yuri On Ice!! My fujoshi heart needs more~

And the skating anime with the hot bishies is out and everyone I know is fangasaming over it or mourning the fact that they can’t watch right this instant!

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Yuri on Ice follows our main character Yuri Katsuki, a 23 year old who has been ice skating since he was a child, as he tries to win at the Grand Prix Finale in hopes of standing on equal grounds with his childhood hero Victor Nikiforov, the very lewd and proclaimed ‘living legend.’ After losing in the GPX, however, Yuri ends up going home, completely depressed and not sure of what to do next.

And it doesn’t help that Victor has shown up at his family’s hot spring inn after his friend’s children uploaded a video of him copying one of Victor’s routines! (or does it? 😉) Continue reading Yuri On Ice!! My fujoshi heart needs more~

Fall Season: Anime I’m Planning to Watch!

And we are now slowly transitioning into Fall!

Honestly, I really want summer to be over with already. I want to be able to go outside without getting roasted and then having an itching fest because I was out for too long. Or finally being able to use my dozens of sweaters I own. Or trying out the new pants I got. All that fun stuff. Unfortunately, summer is holding fast and my only consolation is that I have new anime to watch soon :”D


Image result for bloodivores anime

Honestly, the title isn’t all that original and neither is the vampire idea so why do I want to watch this?! Because it’s your typical vampire stuff, it always ALWAYS catches me. I really want to see what they do with this and just with this image I’m already wanting. JUST LOOK. There’s a white haired kid! White haired guys are my weakness, I must watch! Reading the summary reminds me of Owari but hopefully it turns out better than that. Also, make sure you all don’t go without sleep for more than a week, we don’t need a vampire apocalypse right now! (or maybe I do, there is that test coming up soon…) Continue reading Fall Season: Anime I’m Planning to Watch!