Fangirling About In Carcere: Libertà Condizionale (Chapters 21-30) by Slaine

**Spoilers since this is my third update**

Hey guys! So it’s been awhile since I last wrote up a fanfiction “review” (more like me fangirling honestly) and I’ve especially been meaning to post about In Carcere again, and well, here I am (lol)


In Carcere is an AZ fanfiction by Slaine featuring Inaho and Slaine as the main couple. It follows canon events but it’s set after season 2 where Slaine is a prisoner and Inaho his jailor. I know I’ve said this before but this is my s3 for Aldnoah Zero. There are 33 chapters so far and still the story is not over (yessss) Continue reading

[FF Review] The Trajectory of Laughter by PK Samurai (op92)

Hey guys! I bring you another fanfiction story 😀

This time I’ve been really obsessed with Ace of Diamond so it would only make sense that I’d be devouring AoD fanfiction, particularly Misawa fiction. And the one I’d like to talk about is The Trajectory of Laughter by PK Samurai.

The Trajectory of Laughter is currently sitting in the #1 spot for Misawa fanfics on Ao3 with more than 1,000 kudos! It’s also at 39 chapters right now with many to go (it seems like, doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon which is always awesome).

The summary that the author put up is:

Some say laughter is the cure for everything, but they obviously never heard Miyuki laugh…

Now, with a summary like this, I was pretty skeptical about checking it out. I initially skipped it and checked out some other stories, going through the short ones first and then going back to the long ones.

Then it was time to read this one! And I can’t believe it took me so long to get to reading this. I mean, it’s number 1 for a reason  Continue reading

[2nd Update] In Carcere & For Want of a Nail by Slaine

xI’ve been debating for a few days if I should write this post or not and after much deliberation I’ve decided that yes, I need to write this (otherwise these feelings are going to consume me and I’m going to combust).

If you guys remember I wrote up a post called My Aldnoah Zero Phase, which basically outlined a few fanfiction stories I’d encountered on Ao3 before I finished season 2. Well, since there have been a few updates since then I felt like I should make a part 2 post! I’ll mostly be talking about the stories by Slaine 😀

And if you’re an Inaho x Slaine fan and haven’t read Slaine’s stories…well, you should probably go do that now! Slaine has 6 stories up on the first page, ordered by kudos, and the two top stories are both their long series!

I’ve also found them on Tumblr so yes, follow them, send them some love (I know I’m such a stalker but I can’t help it ;__; if I knew they had a Twitter I’d be all over it too!)


For want of a Nail: In my first post, this story was still a WIP but now it has been completed! It’s 20 chapters long and Inasure (feel the love). I previously mentioned that this was one of my favorite stories that Slaine had written and that it was pretty refrained in the romance department. I’m actually going to take that back.

What happened? I have no idea. As the story nears its finale the pace starts to get wonky and things start happening much too fast. Scenes cut from one place to another more fit for the screen than for reading material. Then I went ahead and reread the story only to find that I couldn’t.  Continue reading

My Aldnoah.Zero Phase (FF)

Hey guys~!

So I’ve been gone for like 2 days or something and I wanted to share what I was doing in that time, which I’m going to dub My Aldnoah.Zero Phase. I actually haven’t finished season 2 of A/Z but I was feeling bored and frustrated with the series (specifically with Slaine because I have no idea what he’s planning), so i decided to browse through some fanfiction to calm me down.

My new fanfiction reading site is Archive of Our Own (Ao3) since FF‘s quality has quickly declined throughout the years (I don’t know if it’s gotten better, haven’t visited in a while…)

But anyways, while I was reading, I feel like I spoiled the ending of the anime for myself (because it can’t be a coincidence that everyone is writing about the same thing) and if that’s really how the anime ends…I am just so depressed right now, like, why did that have to happen to Slaine?! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I also went to Tumblr afterwards and that delivered the killing blow

But! Onto what this post is really about

In those two days I slept 1.5 hours and read the rest of the time so I want to share those amazing stories that kept me awake all night chanting, one more chapter just one more chapter. 

To begin with the show only has 401 stories overall and being the yaoi lover that I am, I went and filtered out some Inaho x Slaine (ugh they’re so cute) which left me with 113 stories in English (so not much). Of those 113 stories, I probably read like 80 – 85 of them…? Yeah that seems to be right.  Continue reading