The Lovers: Escaflowne Kickstarter Goodies Are Finally Here!!

Hey guys!

So it’s been awhile since I last wrote up a “Recent Purchase” post. One reason being that I have little spending money, and the other that I get too excited about little things I buy and just end up posting it on Twitter. Like those terrible pictures about the YOI Merchandise I got at Kino that one day

But today after breakfast, the mail lady came to our door and left a box for me. At first I was like,  ha she got the wrong house again I haven’t bought anything recently, but when I checked the sender I nearly screamed! Warning: crappy pictures incoming


Now, before I get into the contents of the box, I wanted to go over what Tier I got for the Vision of Escaflowne real quick (though if you read this post then you probably already know).  Continue reading

ACEN and FanimeCon Haul!

To think it’s been about two months since I last wrote something legit on this blog (how time flies and money disappears…)

As many of you know, Con-season started in May for me with ACEN (Anime Central), which is this tiny little thing (biggest con in the Midwest) happening in my “hometown” that I’ve been attending for YEARS now. And right after I went to Fanime, which is a convention out in San Jose, CA. It was my first time attending and the reason for it is down below, hehe Continue reading

February Book Haul! No Space on the Shelf…

Hey guys! Here I am again, spending my money after only just receiving my check…

qhoshi_-sick005_010If you guys saw, I posted a picture of some of my buys on Twitter, but I knew I just had to tell you all on here! So yesterday my brother and I went to get our car’s oil changed and tires checked. Since we were pretty far out, I decided we could stop by at Kinokuniya to pick up my books. It was not on the way over but I figured that if we were out already, I wouldn’t mind driving around. And the store had contacted me about my order coming in so if anything, that was my excuse for going.

As we were leaving the dealer, I then randomly thought, I wonder if there’s a Half Priced Books around here…It turns out there was! So in addition to Kinokuniya, we also stopped at Half Priced Books. There’s actually a HPBs ‘near’ our house, but I wanted to check out a new one, just to see what their selections was like. Checking this place out really depleted my wallet

Now, before I start showing you pictures and giving titles, this will be the first part of a two part post. All the books here will be manga and light novels, while part 2 will have the novels I bought (yes, I read books without pictures sometimes :P), as well as explaining why it took me so long to finally get them/read them Continue reading

New Books: Pre-Thanksgiving Treat

Hey guys~

Just wanted to show you all some new books that I’m really excited about! You see, today was both one of the worst days of my life and best. Worst because I had to go grocery shopping for curry, sushi, and gyoza ingredients, though that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that the store that has many of the essential ingredients is about a 2 hour drive away with 3 tolls.

71f2d29ef07f0f95a7c6f3747804478fBut I really wanted to eat curry for Thanksgiving so I decided to make the drive. Unfortunately, things turned out not so well on the way back. There was major traffic and since there’s a lot of road construction…well, I’ll leave it up to your imaginations. The only information I’ll give you is that I was out for about 7 hours and was only inside of a store for about 2 hours total (I went to two different stores).

However, it was also a very good day because I went to Kinokuniya~ And being the spender that I am, I bought myself some books 😀

I was supposed to hold off on buying any new books, and I’d been doing a great job so far. I think my last purchase was done September? During the whole Yaoi-con and AWA weekend. But then I fell to temptation. I actually brought some money with me on the trip to Arlington Heights because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist.  Continue reading

2-in-1 Special: Yaoi-con + AWA Buys!!!

Hey guys! 🙂

So I recently went to two conventions, practically back to back! On the weekend of September 18 – 20 I went to one of my yearly cons, Yaoicon 😀 and from September 24 – 27 I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta! >_< I’ve been a busy congoer this month

IMAG1582Now, I usually post up a review of the convention before I post up what depleted my wallet into next year…but this time I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to show off all my goodies before I post up those reviews…which are in the making 😛

Anyways, since a while ago (maybe a month ago? going on two?) I started getting really into this sports anime called Ace of Diamond/Diamond no Ace/Daiya no A (an anime show of epic proportions), and ever since Miyuki showed his handsome mug on screen I’ve been smitten. So expect a lot of me looking around for Daiya specific merch 😀

We’ll start with Yaoi-con since I went there first!

So the plan had been to not spend a lot of money, of course, this went down the drain when I stepped into the swap meet. If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically like a dealer’s hall but everything that’s being sold is from fans so the merchandise can vary from brand new to used.

Aaaaaaaaand here is what I got!  Continue reading

Kinokuniya Package #2!!

Hey guys!

Another post here about my recent purchases (god, it feels like all I do is spend money haha)! This one actually came in the mail the day before I left for AX and I bought them from Kinokuniya, for my previous purchase please check out this post!

So what exactly did I order this time? Well, I continued my Rihito Takarai search and got volumes 1 + 2 of Hana nomi zo Shiru (Only the Flower Knows), which is an adorable story I totally recommend. I had bought volume 3 accidentally in 2013 when I was in Okinawa (thinking it was volume 1, derp). But all is well now!  Continue reading

New Manga Delivery! (●´□`)♡

IMAG0878 (1)Hello again!

I wasn’t going to make another post today (though technically I haven’t written one today) BUT I just had to share my new delivery of books! Now, I don’t remember if I mentioned my orders from Kinokuniya on my blog but I do know I posted it on my Twitter.

And here’s my first order!

So what exactly is in this lucky box? Yaoi!! Lots and lots of it! It’s so beautiful. When I ordered these I was on a Rihito Takarai shopping spree but when I typed in her name (宝井理人) not much came up. Either way I bought what I didn’t already have ♥

In addition to Rihito Takarai I also got books by Kashima Chiaki (嘉島ちあき)! Her books are SO adorable and the art is so beautiful! Out of the three books by her, I’ve yet to read the one on the far right (top)  Continue reading

Reading Light Novels + New Manga

And here I am, spending my money on books (again), haha

The titles I’ve crossed off are the ones I’ve already read ♥  Continue reading

New Book Arrived Today ^_^

This just came in the mail! Now I don’t have to reorder it from the library (I’ve had to twice now) and I don’t have to worry about overdue fines, haha

It’s actually a bit thicker than the first book so I’m hoping there’s some good stuff in here (especially with the summary I read for the next few volumes!) I wonder if the problems start here, so sad

Memorial Day Weekend Buys

I hit up 3 different Half Price Bookstores and couldn’t resist the 70% off original price (50% plus 20% for the holidays).


Titles include:

  • X/1999 Omnibus 1 (now I only need 2 & 6)
  • Hana Kimi 1-12, 14-20 (I can’t believe they didn’t have 13, someone beat me to the series haha). I’ve watched most of the Japanese drama and the whole of the Taiwanese drama and they were great! (especially the latter), now I’ll be reading, wonder how it’ll be
  • D. Gray Man 17-18
  • Tsubasa 1-2 (I’ve been on a CLAMP rampage recently and I noticed that in xxxHolic, the characters from Tsubasa actually  go to the Holic world, so I’ll be reading both series simultaneously)
  • D.N. Angel 12-13 (I started reading this a while back and plan to pick it up again)
  • Yellow (BL, I only bought volume 1 but I’ve already read up to 4, need to buy the rest! It was really neat!)
  • Fallen Moon (BL, interesting short stories, however, I feel like they should have been stand alones, they would have been great if they had space for development)
  • Earthian 3 (For some reason I thought this was volume 1 but when I got home I saw that it was 3…I have no idea how I didn’t see that again, got it because it’s by Yun Kouga, Loveless’s creator)
  • Myuzu no Gakuen de Aou 1-2 (Japanese)
  • Easy Hiragana + Making Out In Japanese (haha)