Hidekane Zine Now Up For Preorders!

Hey guys!

So I opened this up yesterday, but it was late enough where I just did not want to look at a screen anymore (so I waited til today and now I have no internet, #FAIL). Anywho, preorders for the HideKane Zine are now open!

It’s a project Lyn and I have been working on, along with some awesome artists and writers from tumblr, and it’d be awesome if you guys could support us. This could be by purchasing a zine (70+ pages & a bookmark for $25) or letting your friends know about it!

I made these terrible posters (Lol)

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[HK Zine] A Project on Tumblr~

Hey guys!

So it looks like it’s been a while since I last posted on here, almost a month! As an update on what I wanted to do for October, like many of my plans, I failed miserably (oh well). But moving along, I wanted to share a project I decided to start in October! If you’re frequently on Tumblr, maybe you’ve seen it 🙂

[Please share if possible]

HideKane Zine

Yes! I am the mastermind behind this Tokyo Ghoul zine centered around Hide and Kaneki MUAHAHAHAHA! Now if anyone doesn’t know, a zine is short for magazine. In our case, we are doing a fanzine so we’re compiling artwork and fanfiction for HideKane, and making it available to you all in book format! Continue reading