KatsuDeku Zine: Application Deadline Approaching!!

Guess who found some more OTP zines and is now applying again (and possibly getting rejected again)? Yup, you guessed it, it is I, Official Stalker!! >: D

Been seeing some great fanzines going around, and finally buckling down to host one, too! My hope is to put all profits to Make a Wish foundation, or unless there’s a higher charity that people would prefer I’d love to hear...

But yes, I was browsing through tumblr one day and I saw this beautiful thing that made all the previous rejections OK because now I really REALLY just want to get into this one!! My now OTP of My Hero Academia, I’m sorry TodoDeku but I just needed something a little more…exciting (LOL) Continue reading

MHA Events and Goodies!

Hey guys! So I wanted to post this while I was in California but internet issues kept me away. A lot of the deadlines for the following events are now over but there’s still goodies to be expected in the future ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

As a warning, most of these are for yaoi shippers, keke

TodoDeku Zine

Artists have already been chosen (list) . I decided to apply knowing I wouldn’t be chosen because I rarely finish anything and hardly post my stuff online, hehe. But I’m still really excited about the release of this zine and all the tododeku shippers should be too! Continue reading

Misawa Mini Event on Tumblr

Hey guys!

So it’s been a while since I last posted about an OTP event, but just the other day I found something! In keeping with my Misawa obsession, the next event is focused on our aggressive Seidou battery of Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun.

You can click this Misawa Day gif to redirect you to the original post (or any of the links I’ll be leaving scattered in this post!)

The event will take place between Feb. 18 and Feb. 20th and all forms of creative expression are accepted: fanfiction, drawings, baking, cosplay, etc. While there are themes that the page lists, it’s also not required to keep to them.  Continue reading

A/Z Unofficial Fan-Merch


I have some wonderful news today!! Last night something amazing happened on the internet concerning Aldnoah Zero: the unofficial AZ fanbook was published *fangirls before the site is ready, after it’s ready, and as I wake up, still fangirling as I write this, I can’t stop*


It’s a collaborative project between 44 English speaking artists and writers who decided to make something in celebration of AZ’s one year anniversary!

This is the homepage! I’ve linked it to the site so click click click to check it out!

front page

The project was organized by Hikariix (Twitter/Tumblr) and here are some of the artists and writers that contributed (I randomly picked a few, for more check out their Contributors list).  Continue reading

MikaYuu Week

GUYS! I’ve got terrible news!! MikaYuu week started while I was away on vacation and I wasn’t able to do anything! I cried myself to sleep last night because of this T___T (jk, was too busy reading MikaYuu FF until past 3am)

But yeah, it started on July 26 and is supposed to go on until August 1st and I was on tumblr just being a fangirl, the art that’s been made in these past 4 days (5 with today) is just awesomeness! There’s a tumblr page dedicated to this and they’re reblogging posts tagged MikaYuusWeek. The rules and prompts for the whole week are also there in case anyone is interested

And there’s this particular fanfiction story that I really liked and it’s got fanart (collab between Seredemia and Cali) and I’m just fangirling! Especially when I hear chapter 2 is at about 9K words (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

If you’re interested you can read it here! It looks like it’s going to be an 18+ story *__* (I’m crossing my fingers on the visuals)

The Artist and The Poet, collab between Seredemia (writer) and Califlair (artist) for MikaYuu Week 2015

An artist AU where Yuu has artist’s block and so he goes to a cafe to get some inspiration only to one day see a pretty blonde come in through the door. Since then he’s filled pages upon pages of him (Mika) in his sketchbook. Then one day he gets caught staring at the blonde and thus their interaction begins!

Yuu is such a cutie in this fic!! I’m just foaming at the mouth, lol

Seredemia is also one of my favorite authors in the MikaYuu fandom so I highly recommend all her other stuff

I also really liked:

And then there was this adorable story called You’re the One about Mika and Yuu secretly crushing on each other and unknowingly being Twitter friends, ah, it was so cute!


As to my participation…the week is almost over so I’m debating if I should start or not. Chances are I will…like later, haha! I’ll probably try to write something short tonight but that’s 7 stories I’d have to come up with in 2.5 days (if I want to finish by 8/1).

Not to mention that it’s been forever since I last wrote anything (which reminds me, I want to clean up my Ao3 account…) Haha

I need to go back and check out more stuff (๑→‿←๑)