Crimson’s Dream Crates, What Is Yours?

Hey guys!

So I noticed it’s been awhile since I last posted something on my site. Or at least it feels that way because most of the stuff that published recently were scheduled beforehand (I know, even I surprise myself!). The only new stuff I did was the Your Name, GitS, Fate of the Furious, and Beauty and the Beast posts (yay to new movies!)

Because of that, I thought it would be fun to join in the Dream Crate posting!


I’ve seen a couple videos before (unboxings) of Loot Crate. I know my brother has wanted to try ordering one before and even I’ve considered trying this out once (if they only had the yaoi, wow you guys I’d be on that ASAP). And recently I was told that there was a Dream Crate project where we plebeians can nudge nudge wink wink at Loot Crate Continue reading

Crimson’s Top 4 Moments in Your Name Movie

Yup, this comes out before my review for Your Name. I just couldn’t help it! Since I’m talking about moments in Your Name, there’s obviously SPOILERS so please go watch the movie if you haven’t already!! And if you have watched it already, I hope you watched it more than once (lol).


Some of these moments I only realized I liked because I went back for a second watch and they meant more sense to me. Others I thoughts were hilarious, and one I love and hate with a passion. You’ll see why  Continue reading

Crimson Comments on the CR Anime [Popularity] Awards (And Places Her Votes)

A few weeks back, this thing on Crunchyroll was going around where we could go ahead and vote for our favorite shows in a few categories and now the results are out!


I actually didn’t vote for this stuff because (what I understood) was that we could only vote on one day and I just didn’t have time. If this had been opened for a few days, then I definitely would have voted! However, if you follow me on Twitter, chances are you guys saw my votes in some of the tweets I retweeted from Crunchy. (Votes that didn’t count I think, booo!)

And I’m sure nobody wants my commentary but I’m going to go ahead and give it because I want to! I know this is all opinions and everyone has probably already talked about this somewhere on the interwebs but I haven’t. Plus, I think it’s fun to also mention what I would have wanted to win!

Some Spoilers! You have been warned Continue reading

Favorite Reads of 2016

So I was debating if I should write this post or not for almost a week, and then decided I should if I wanted to, it’s my blog, judge me if you want, I know I’m a wannabe reader~!!


I didn’t read as much as I hoped (hence my hesitance) but here are my top reads for 2016, both novels and manga~ (I added manga because it made the list a bit longer hehe, I know, I’m such a cheater) Continue reading

Crimson’s 6+ Year Fanfiction Journey: Let’s Appreciate Some Authors!!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write since a while ago but never really got around to finishing because my memory is so bad but since today is Fanfiction Appreciation Day I thought, what better timing? Basically we’re going to go on a trip to my younger years, how I encountered fanfiction and where it stands in my life now. I’ll also be recommending some of my favorite stories so get those tabs ready!!

When I was in eighth grade, my English teacher styled our class as a sort of reading game where students had to read so many pages in order for us to get a passing grade. Sometimes we would be allowed to read any book we wanted and other times she would give us a topic like ‘it needs to be fantasy based or a mystery.’ Before this class I never read. Whenever I looked at a book I would instantly cringe and only reading 5-10 pages would lead to headaches.  Continue reading

7 characters in boy’s love manga that give mothers a run for their money!

When people say “Mother’s Day,” usually the first things that come to mind are biological mothers and females who have taken up the role of a mother (caregiver), however, as our society continues to evolve the roles of mother and father have changed. What do we do when we have same sex relationships? Who is the “mother” and who is the “father”? What about children who are raised by older siblings or acquaintances?

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’ve come up with a list of male characters in the Boy’s Love realm that have either taken up the role of mother or who show potential in being a motherly figure. The list moves from people who have experience with children to people who have potential.

Oosawa Naoki

Oosawa was originally the “breadwinner” of his family, however, after his wife left him, he had to take up both roles. Not only does he go to work before Chizu wakes up, Oosawa also comes home as she’s waking up to make breakfast, finish the laundry, and take her to daycare. To finish off his day, he always makes sure to be home to make dinner and eat as a family.

Only Serious About You, 2 volumes  Continue reading

My NOTPs: 2 Reasons I can’t stand certain ships

Hey guys!

Here comes another OTP post because why not? So far I’ve talked about some of my anime crushes, my husbando harem (which is actually a yaoi OTP harem/armada hybrid), and how these OTPs came to be. With so much happiness and sunshine, I decided I should probably talk about some of my other habits in the OTP realm and that includes the NOTP.


Basically an NOTP is a pairing that you cannot ever see as a couple for whatever reason. UK here expresses how I feel when I come into contact with my NOTPs.

Now, I actually only have two reasons why I have NOTPs. One of them is a matter of possessiveness on my part. When I settle for an OTP I can be very exclusive and I don’t consider myself a multishipper. If I were a multishipper my life would be much easier and I wouldn’t have gray hairs

The only exception to this multishipping rule is Sakura from Naruto. While I prefer her with Itachi, I can also see her with Kakashi (guys, forbidden romances are my thing), kind of with Deidara, Sasori, and possibly others. I would like to blame Lady Hanaka for my Sakura x Akatsuki pairings, haha.  Continue reading

[My Top] Minor Female Characters in Anime/Manga

Hey guys!

It looks like today is day five of NaBloPoMo and I’ve got to say, I’m slightly impressed with myself! I almost gave in yesterday and didn’t post anything (I blame the yaoi fanfiction I stumbled upon) but all is well now! I managed to get something, even if it was a rather short post, written.

And now, as I lay here like the bum that I am, wondering what this next post may be about a conversation comes to mind. The best part is that it’s anime related!

It’s actually a conversation I frequently have with my brother and it’s most likely going to come up in future conversations again. Basically, my brother argues that I hate/detest/dislike all female characters. Now, this may or may not be true (I agree for it being a lie but I could be wrong…) but today I’ve come to show you all that there are female characters that I like!

So I’ve made a bit of a list and dubbed it ‘Favorite Female Characters,’ even though favorite may be stretching things a little too much 😛

The only rule here is that the female characters cannot be the protagonists of the show! Why? Well, I probably wouldn’t be watching the show if I didn’t like the protagonist. These characters are in no specific order, enjoy!  Continue reading

Crimson’s Deviant Armada

Hey guys!

It is now day two of NaBloPoMo and I’ve yet to fall! I think we’re doing okay for now. Today I’d like to create a response post to Pantastic Panda’s Day 1 post, Pan’s Armada: Husbandos! I thought I’d do so because the topic of husbandos and waifus has come up a couple of times in the Unime staff chats and when it’s my turn to speak up, my answer is…peculiar.


So, a list of my husbandos? Well, I have a lot and Pan’s use of the word Armada is pretty accurate for my list…because it feels like there’s no end to all my anime crushes. However, there’s something even more intense than husbandos for me. It’s kind of like a massive reverse harem but not really because it would require a female for my guys to fawn over, and like an orgy (as I like to call it) but not really because it’s more than just drunkenness and sex.

What is it exactly?

I have no name for it, but basically it’s intense feels for my anime crushes with boyfriends I’ve assigned to them. In other words, my Armada is made up of OTPs and favorite couples, 100% of them male. With the only female (me) being a voyeur, haha

Basically, I fawn over a lot of bishounen but what really makes me melt, swoon, hyperventilate, fan myself, get teary eyed, and choke out incoherent noises are when my baes are paired with a boyfriend 😀

(I’m getting emotional just thinking about it *sniff*)

So I thought I’d share some of my more intense OTPs!  Continue reading

BTSS: School Themed Yaoi Manga

Here’s a list a wrote for UnimeTV about Yaoi Manga! It was supposed to be posted before September ended but I didn’t make the deadline so…yeah, haha. Since I had to have something posted by Sunday I figured I’d finish this list and just post it, still keeping with the school theme of course 😛

In the end though, I posted it Monday but I’m sure it was still Sunday in California…or maybe it had just turned into Monday…haha

Hey guys! 😀

So it’s already mid-October and for those people like me who are in a trimester system at school it means midterms and soon-to-be finals. It pretty much feels like we’re finally coming to an end to school but it just doesn’t want to let you go peacefully.

I know that this can get stressful sometimes (all the time) so I made a list of yaoi manga to help those lovely fujoshi/fudanshi de-stress (procrastinate). And even if you still have class until December, please, join in the BL reading, I’m sure it can help keep you warm, what with the recent drop in temperatures

To not make this list infinite, I’ve decided to ‘limit’ the recommendations to only 10. I know, I know, it’s terrible but I don’t want to be the cause of people failing their classes! Or do I…? And because our topic is boy’s love, please be aware that if someone accidentally looks over your shoulder while you’re on the train or whatever you use for transportation purposes, they might give you the stink eye!

Unless they’re also fans. Then you’ll have a weirdo trying to look at all the yaoi-y goodness radiating off your electronic device (or physical copy).

Like I’m accustomed to doing, there will be links in the titles which will direct you to MAL for a summary of the series. And if you have any questions or want to fangirl/boy over these titles, please leave a comment at the end. I will reply in earnest!

Oh and we’re starting soft and ending with some pretty uncensored reads 😉  Continue reading