30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

I think it was yesterday or two days ago when I tweeted that I shipped Keith and Lance from Voltron even though I hadn’t watched much of Voltron (I’m on episode 2 now). Then that turned into a short conversation between Mark and I, where he told me to back off of Shiro. Don’t worry people, he’s all yours, I don’t want him!

It was there that I confessed my type was “the bad boy loudmouth pyromaniac with explosive yaoi hands looks like he wants to murder you kind???”

Also, credit to Takuto for the explosive yaoi hands remark >: D Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

Two or three anime seasons ago I started watching so much anime that I became impressed with myself. I didn’t watch everything that aired but I watched enough that if I thought it were good, I’d continue and not have that curiosity eat me away once people posted about the series.

Unfortunately, I am now on an anime hiatus because too much of a good thing is bad for you, yes, even anime. And again the nerves have started and part of me wonders if I should just go ahead and watch something (but then I remember that I just don’t have the strength to right now lol) Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5

For today’s prompt I am super curious as to everyone else’s answers because I didn’t really have an answer before and I don’t this time either. I mean, according to Google ashamed means embarrassed or guilty because of one’s actions, characteristics, or associations. Like, why would I do something like this to myself?!

Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed

I mean, I guess the closest thing I could be “ashamed of” would be reading yaoi because that’s kind of the “bad apple of the anime world” except I’m not because that’s what this blog is named after, that’s what I blog about, and that’s what I tweet about…

So yeah, I have nothing

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4

One day last year my brother made a challenge. He assured me there weren’t any (or hardly any) female characters in anime that I liked. Why the challenge? Because every time I watch a show I’d be like, ugh I don’t like her. Additionally, he told me I couldn’t list any main characters to my list because, ‘If I didn’t like her I wouldn’t be watching this show,’ so I thought, I can do this.

In lieu of that I made my very very short list [My Top] Minor Female Characters in Anime/Manga because I found he was actually right…luckily for me this challenge doesn’t have all these restrictions so I can post ANY female character I want!! Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3

If I thought yesterday’s favorite question was hard, today’s is TRAGIC. A favorite male character? Are we seriously going to ask this fujoshi to pick from her Deviant Armada?! That’s even worse than picking out a favorite child!! And what do you mean by ever?

But alas, I must answer the question…but I’ve been known to cheat at board games (ha ha) and so I’ll do the same this time around ; ) Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2

When I started this challenge I hadn’t really checked what kind of questions were on there and honestly, I didn’t remember anything aside from ‘favorite couple’ from my last attempt but now I’m realizing this is going to be tough because I need to pick favorites…FAVORITES!

And everyone knows we don’t just have one favorite of anything… Continue reading

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

So I noticed quite a few people just finished/started doing this anime challenge and honestly I’ve been out of the loop lately (trying to catch up). I’m not exactly sure who started doing this but I figured I’d try my hand at it too!

Honestly, this is my second time doing this challenge but the first time I did it, I probably only got to day 4 before I dropped it. At the time I hadn’t been watching too much anime so trying to answer the questions was pretty hard. Since then I’ve watched a lot more stuff so I think I’m up to taking the challenge this time and possibly persevering!

I’d also like to do the manga and yaoi challenges so look out for those once I’m done with this one! (I’m actually more excited about these two hehe) Continue reading