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Blog Hopping: Send Me Links to Your Best/Favorite Posts

Heya guys! So I decided to post this on here because I’d like to read more stuff but sometimes I just don’t know what to read. I’ll go through my reader and find a couple things to check out and then I’ll check Twitter only to find it overflowing with yaoi…

And then I thought, why not make a blog hopping post? Will it be successful or will it fail? Who knows but I decided to post it anyways


So basically I’m going around reading blog posts. If you find this post just leave me a link to either one of your favorite posts you’ve written or a favorite post written by someone else. There’s really no limit and I’ll eventually go through all the links that are left in the comments section. Obviously I’d rather you not leave me 50 links in one go or just your blog url. Gimme specific posts~

Let’s also keep it pg-13 unless it involves 2 guys LOL

Blogging and Life Updates: I Got a New Job

Hey guys! I seriously thought I wouldn’t need to write one of these in awhile but life is happening and I thought I’d give you all a heads up on what’s going to be happening ^^


I got a new job! Good news and bad news.

Good news is that I will be getting one of those biweekly paychecks, which will be really helpful to me and my family right about now. Continue reading Blogging and Life Updates: I Got a New Job

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

As many of you might have noticed it is now 2017, and like last year I decided to write up a post with some of my 2016 highlights! Not all of them are anime related and not all of them are good things, but they made the list because they were pretty memorable🙂

I tried to put them in chronological order but I may have failed…because my memory is just terrible sometimes! I also tried to think of something for each month but alas, sometimes some months are less memorable than others😛

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything uber important!

Let us begin!

p.s. My previous phone died so I lost all the photos I had on there, including the pics of Kausus, Takuto, and Lyn D:  Continue reading Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!