Blogging Bookmarks: May Roundup Part 1

Hey guys! Back with more posts for you all ^^


Since I’m doing this rather late, a lot of these posts are old but they’re good reads and if you haven’t checked them out yet, I seriously recommend you do~

OWLS “Colors” Tour

This is possibly the first time where I’m only a few posts behind in terms of following my fellow OWLS bloggers posts (I know! Shame on me!!) and I really think you all should check out our April posts, especially now that it’s complete. You can just binge and not have to worry about waiting (lol)

Some I want to highlight are:

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this tour, while I am writing about this topic, I’m also learning the most from this tour (and I hope to keep learning as I keep writing for this group) and while these two are a bit long, they really give some interesting insight on characters of color in anime, among other things

Man Crush Monday via Heyitszel

So I’ve been slowly following Zel’s MCM posts and I just had to mention this specific one titled Top 10 Raven Haired Men because she happened to pick someone I’ve been recently emotional over. She knows who I’m talking about since I also left an all caps comment for her, lol!

Plus all those other Raven Haired Men she’s got on that list are…DELICIOUS

Tuesday’s Top 5 via 100WordsAnime

So this post is called Tuesday’s Top 5: Use of Phones in an Anime and I have to say, the title really intrigued me (so I read it). Like Magnitude Review’s Top 20 Pets in Anime, phones aren’t something I really pay attention to when watching a show. They’re devices we use to communicate and ignore one another, and to see that sometimes they’re more than that was fun. I’ve seen 4 out of the 5 shows mentioned on the list but know the premise of the 5th and i have to say this list is pretty accurate

Top 3 Moments in HQ S3 via GrimmGirl & Nice Job Breaking It, Hero (A Collab)

3rd year hug

I feel like I’m spoiling one of the moments by posting this picture!! But alas, I needed to pick one and this seemed appropriate~ Yup, I couldn’t just feature one of these posts and if you’ve watched season 3 of Haikyuu, you’ll know there’s a lot of good scenes to choose from. I don’t know how these two did it

They also seem to have two other sets from Season 1 and Season 2, so I’d be sure to scour their sites for the rest of these emotional and fun moments ^^

Where Did Bleach Go Wrong? via AnimeOpinions

aizen vs captains

So I found this post while browsing Anime Opinion’s blog the other day and since I’m familiar with Bleach and have wanted to pick up the manga, I thought I’d check this out. It’s a bit of an analysis of the different Bleach arcs and explains why they think Bleach Went Wrong. While not extensive, it does present one opinion of why Bleach was “put down” and I really thought it was interesting because I did feel some of this while watching the anime

Still plan to read the manga one day, which they mention is still a good read ^^

Sherlock Holmes META via Tumblr


Ok, I’ve been taken. I watched Sherlock Holmes and GOD my brain is now only filled with Johnlock, knee groping, eye fucking, and just GAY. Like BL? Watch this show and read some meta while you’re at it! And no I’m not caught up but I watched this video on the Sherlock Twitter and was like SPOILERS, run away! Even though they clearly posted there’d be spoilers. Now I can’t unsee what I saw…

You know, reading all this stuff and hearing that the creators don’t intend any canon Johnlock makes me wonder if 1) the Johnlock fandom is seeing stuff where it’s not or 2) the creators mucked up and subconsciously added all these amazing Johnlock references. Either way I like reading this stuff

And that is all I have for you guys this time around! Hopefully you find something interesting to read from the lot of these posts ^^ (if you haven’t read them already)

As a bit of extra content, I did want to mention that Zel from Heyitszel now has a Facebook page that you should all follow. She made the announcement a couple weeks back I believe, so if you want to see more geeky goodness, definitely follow her page!

PLUS, we also have Kat on youtube now, doing Makeup videos! She actually did her first video a couple weeks ago. If you follow me on Twitter, I was groaning about the fact she was livestreaming while I was at the theatres. Well, soon after, I decided to check out what had happened and she mentioned making more! This may not be something out there, but I’m actually interested in learning more about makeup. I’ve had to wear it for special occasions but I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it myself. Seeing Kat do these makes me feel a bit more comfortable going ahead and bombarding her with questions, which I already did on her first video (Lol!)

What about you guys? Find anything interesting lately? Share it in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Bookmarks: May Roundup Part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing the link and I’m glad you enjoyed the list.
    The other links are great. I really enjoy Heyitszel’s MCM posts and she does include some great guys on the list.

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