Blogging Bookmarks: April Edition Part 1

Hey guys! Welcome to the new Spotlight Sunday, renamed to Blogging Bookmarks because I don’t have a creative bone in my body and what words start with Thu anyways?! Like I mentioned in a previous post, these “editions” will be posted on a biweekly basis, kind of like when you receive a paycheck and like my paycheck I’m going to keep this short…/CRIES

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I’ve been messing around how I present these posts to you all, so this is going to look a bit different from last time~ Most of these posts are old because I’m slow (orz)

“Hanzo Main” Insult Explained


I randomly saw this image on my Twitter TL and while I thought it was funny, I just didn’t understand. I had an idea Hanzo was referring to an Overwatch character (since I know someone who loves him) but it was only until I read this article where I was like ohhhhh. How young the games are becoming (Lol)

No Man Laughs Alone in Ghost S.A.C. | Review

The liveaction is out in theatres and while I wasn’t able to rewatch the anime like I planned months ago, reading this by our lovely Anime Cafe Host Takuto was a refresher. Like always he gives us everything we need to know in such a way that getting up off my bed might sound like a pretty good idea! Plus, this was one of the anime I grew up with~

The Hiatus is Over: Living with Depression and General Anxiety Disorder

As I get older, I’ve realized how isolated I’ve grown up. I’ve met a ton of new people with different experiences only after college, and I learn a lot just interacting with them. Here Kat gives us a bit of insight of how she deals with her depression and GAD. Like her, I really wish mental illness had been discussed more and that there wasn’t negativity surrounding it. Deep post from a very strong woman in our community ^^

OWLS Tour: Sanctuary, Immigration, and Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond quote2

Kat is on a hiatus but her posts are MHM GOOD (lol). So when I saw she’d be talking about Daiya for the OWLS sanctuary post, I swear I scratched my head, rubbed my chin, and waited for that light bulb to shine (never did). I was SUPER curious to know what she was going to present and to see it tie to current events, specifically immigration, I was impressed. Immigration is something really important to me and this post talks about some of the things I hope our country reaches one day

Arria’s Top 4 Shounen-ai Manga (with Hot Bishie’s ,of course!)

A BL, yaoi, shounen-ai, bishie, guys, guys being cute together fan? Well this post is for you to get addicted to some shounen-ai manga. DEF recommend them because Arria is senpai, and senpai always knows best 😉

Going Through the Stages of Yaoi!!!

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a post that just makes you laugh but also feel nostalgic and how can this be??? I found this post by Purin Panda and it just made me laugh! Very short and simple but I’m sure we fujoshi have been through this at one point! Especially the curiosity part 😉 They also have an interesting Fangirl post as well, Lol!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

I just saw this on RocketNews24 and ok, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I love Cardcaptor Sakura. I grew up with this show and it’s possibly my #1 CLAMP title. To see that there’s going to be more!!…I need to go rewatch the series and reread the manga and the movies when this comes out!

And that is all for the Blogging Spotlights! Hopefully I can bring you guys even more stuff in the coming weeks, and if you haven’t heard yet (which I highly doubt), the lovely and hardworking (coughs very loudly) Lyn made some changes to her blog! She’s now Lynlynsays DOT COM. No more wordpress for her site, nuh uh. She a real blogger now

LOL, ok, we’re all real bloggers. Or at least I like to think I am ^^

But yes, she is using WordAds now so turn off your Ad-Blocker so she can make some money for her next meal (we don’t want her to be digging around under her couch for spare change after all)…actually, that would be a very interesting sight…/considers possibilities/

Did you stumble upon any interesting posts this week? Share it in the comments section~

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