Hidekane Zine Now Up For Preorders!

Hey guys!

So I opened this up yesterday, but it was late enough where I just did not want to look at a screen anymore (so I waited til today and now I have no internet, #FAIL). Anywho, preorders for the HideKane Zine are now open!

It’s a project Lyn and I have been working on, along with some awesome artists and writers from tumblr, and it’d be awesome if you guys could support us. This could be by purchasing a zine (70+ pages & a bookmark for $25) or letting your friends know about it!

I made these terrible posters (Lol)




This project is paid so by purchasing a copy you guys can help feed the lot of us doing this project ^^

Go to Store

Go to Zine Website

If anyone needs to contact me for whatever reason just leave me a comment or use anything listed under my Contact Me section of this blog (or via the store or via the site or via my Twitter). There’s so many ways to contact me really

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