Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 2

Wow, is it already Sunday again? And in March? How is time flying by so quickly? Next thing I’ll know it’s December (lol)

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But enough about how quickly I lose track of time! Now it’s time to share some blog posts and other random stuff that caught my attention this week~

Blog Posts

How Obsession and Insecurities Damage Relationships by Fujoshitep. So this week I wrote up some blog posts about Scarlet Beriko’s manga and in one of the reviews Arria recommended I read Sweet Heart Trigger. Next thing I know, I found this review by Fujoshitep, and fate much? Check it out!

One Week, 100 People (#oneweek100people2017) by magedark. One of my favorite pastimes is to look at challenges online and how people went about completing them. This week, One Week, 100 People showed up in my reader and it was really nice to check out! First time I’ve seen this challenge and it sounds like something fun to do

Megane Monday! by heyitszel. These are my confessions~ I love meganes~ and this post has meganes EVERYWHERE. And ok, maybe it has a lot of the meganes I love and who got spot #1? Only one way to find out (read it!!)

Your Name in Theatres April

Image result for your name

So I recently found out that Your Name is going to be in theatres next month here in the US /foams at mouth/ and yup, I’m going to watch it. My brother has already said he’ll go exchange all our quarters if he must but that we need to get tickets soon

Anyone else going to watch it? Or maybe you already have? What did you think? The general consensus seems to be that it was amazing ^^

And that’s really all I have for you all this week. Not many blog posts, sorry about that…I was kind of preoccupied with playing Skyrim and there’s only so much I can read when playing 7-10 hours a day #FAILS (btw, I finally bought the Solitude house and made a house out in the middle of nowhere, haha)

What about everyone else? Did you find anything particularly interesting on the interwebs this week?

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