Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 1

Hey guys, Welcome to my first Spotlight Sunday!

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Oh man, I’m so nervous (LOL). Like I mentioned before, Spotlight Sunday will feature a variety of things that I found especially interesting this week (or previous ones since I’ll try not to cram everything into one Sunday)

Here we go!


Friday’s Feature: We’ve Got A Problem Here – Man vs. Man by Karandi (100WordAnime). As much as I like to read reviews on some anime I watched, I also like to read posts that go into something else. Here Karandi talks about one of the conflicts that authors use in storytelling and gives us examples of anime that use it. And EHERM, she does talk about Death Note (current obsession right now) so definitely check it out. Excited to see what else you write about in future posts!

Japan Day 15: Tokyo by Sindy (Infiinity). So I’ve been popping by these posts from Sindy since she’s left for Japan and ok, I’m kind of jealous here. I’ve gone to Okinawa but have been wanting to see Tokyo since forever. But for now I’m good with just seeing it through her adventures out there! She’s also gone to a bunch of other places that you can check out under her Japan tag.

Changing My Book Buying Habits by The Maniacal Book Unicorn (Maniacal Book Unicorn). So this post was added to my Recommended Posts and the title seemed interesting to me, since I’ve had to cut down on my own book buying habits. And when I read it I could see me in the post. That was me! It was hilarious. Plus, I got some ideas on what to do to also change my habits. Very useful.

I Kinda Like That Salty Middle Blocker: 11 Reasons I ❤ Tsukishima Kei by Naja (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero). Ok, not gonna lie. This was probably one of my favorite posts this week because it was fun to read and because it had to do with my megane bae Tsukki. Read it! You will not regret it 😉

Is Lizzy A Proper Lady? Part 2 – An Analysis of Black Butler And the Gender Roles of the Victorian Era by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog). So I actually read Part 1 a while ago and completely loved it. I was actually one of the people who just couldn’t stand Lizzy when I first watched the anime but as I continued to the manga, I pretty much fell in love with her. She’s an amazing character and Rai goes over why and if she’d be considered a proper lady in said location and time period.

Music: Stromae

I’m not a huge music person but recently I decided to look for some french music (I get tired of English music sometimes, so repetitive lol!)

Stromae is one of the artists I found during this search. At first I was a bit iffy about his music since it’s different from what I listen to, but it actually grew on me. There’s just something about his music that’s really catchy, and all of them have different vibes. My favorites are: Tous Les Mêmes, Papaoutaiquand c’est, and Carmen

And no, I don’t know what they’re saying. I think that’s one of the things I really like about listening to foreign music

Youtube: The Perfect Anime

So I actually just found this video right now, while browsing through my Twitter tl. Watch it, it’s really beautiful and speaks about not forgetting to enjoy media. As a reviewer, it really makes me remember why I started this blog (to share the things I watch and what to fangirl about)

And that’s all I have for this week! What about you guys? Did you stumble upon something interesting? Maybe a blog post, a video, a coffee shop down the block? (There’s a coffee shop by my house I want to go to but it closes early, Lol!)

21 thoughts on “Blogging Bookmarks: March Edition Part 1

    • i didn’t really like the weather since i like the cold more but it was great! got to see a lot of traditional art stuff like pottery and this dying/string technique (wow i can’t believe i forgot what it’s called orz), and we went to this middle school. i was so happy to see the kiddies xD

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        • really? i didn’t know that :00 we went sometime in December and the weather was pretty good. i know most of my classmates wore dresses and skirts while i slowly died in a sweater LOL (nah i can’t even remember). it was pretty humid, esp that one day after it rained smh

          we went to one beach one time but i guess it wasn’t the season? or maybe the time? bc nobody was there xD then before we left one of my teachers took one group to this island (can’t remember the name) and the pics everyone showed were pretty neat! i didn’t go bc beaches aren’t my thing/i went to an elementary school

          i guess what i did the most in my free time was take early morning walks, very peaceful around 5-6 am xD


          • Yeah like Okinawa was always shown with a picture of the beach when you search it up and also characters are always going they’re for a beach summer holiday haha. >< I had the impression it was Japan's hawaii except not really.
            Yeah maybe it wasn't the right season since it's cold. Early morning walks sounds nice. Except I can never get myself to get up early.

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            • ohhh actually, while we were there i think my teacher did describe it like hawaii and it is an island so there’s that connection too? i guess i hadn’t realized because we were there mostly to visit universities and learn about the war and okinawa’s relationship with japan and the us lol

              and wow now that you mention it characters do go out there for vacations don’t they! haha, that totally passed me by orz

              i would be up early and go for like an hour walk, get lost (obviously), try to ask people how to get back to my hotel, and then i’d go back to sleep for awhile since our class stuff would start on the late side xD and that was my time at okinawa

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad you liked the feature. I was really worried about this one when I decided to go with a theme for the month given it was a bit different from my usual features, but the response has mostly been positive.
    Great collection of posts and links. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • of course!! i really enjoyed reading both of them since it’s black butler. not much content about that series and it needs much love :”D plus, lizzy is one of my fav characters in general hehe


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