Upcoming Blogging Plans

Hey guys!

So I mentioned part of this on Twitter and I also told myself I wouldn’t be posting these updates anymore because I don’t keep to what I say but…well, I figured I should tell you all, otherwise nobody would know?

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Valentine’s Special

I don’t usually celebrate any of the holidays on my blog because I don’t plan ahead but I thought I’d do something this year. First up is Valentine’s Day (or the whole month of February really). It’s nothing special really. All I’m doing is specifically watching/reading anime, movies, manga, and books that are romance or love oriented. By this I mean romantic stuff or platonic.

So far these are the stuffs I’ve written about:

  • The Girl on the Train (Novel): Not originally part of the plan but then I realized that this goes into an obsessive love that takes a turn for the worst. It deals with obsessions, adultery, and the worrisome motherly love.
  • My PS Partner (K-Drama): A really cute story about two strangers who transition from phone-mates to friends and more. Really, I have no complaints about this. Super cute and funny and my eyelash got in my eye OK
  • The Lovers: Escaflowne Kickstarter Goodies: An unboxing of my Funimation kickstarter goodies! I figured I’d add it to the lineup because Vision of Escaflowne is probably my favorite romance anime (even though that ending /CRIES) and as frustrated as I was with the order, I also loved it.
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon (Novel): A book I’d been meaning to read for awhile now, the focus here is on the love one has for their children and some of the lengths they’d go to protect them

Most of these are just reviews but I’m also hoping to add in a list I’d been meaning to write since last year (but I missed the date!) and possibly some Spoilery/in-depth stuff

On the 14th I’ll be posting something in Spanish, in honor of how I celebrate my V-day, which, honestly isn’t anything special. It’ll be a review for Bajo la misma luna, a movie I watched years ago and that I LOVE. There might be something else but still debating.

Also, would you guys be interested in me having that post in English as well?

Spotlight Sunday

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I know a lot of bloggers have the Features and I thought I’d go ahead and do one too, with one little difference. I want to make this as broad as possible so I’ll be featuring anything that caught my interest that week. This could be a blogger on WordPress, someone on tumblr, a fanfiction writer, a cosplayer, a content creator, a certain mangaka, an author, a series I once read, a store I especially liked, ANYTHING.

It could be one thing, It could be 5 things (but I’ll try and keep it to one item a category so I don’t run out of things for upcoming weeks).

Also guys, if you want me to read your posts (or anyone else’s), leave me links in the comments section or respond to this tweet with your link (or tag me). I do look through my reader but sometimes I’m just gone for awhile and miss posts ^^;;

I also have 2 other things I want to announce but I’m going to wait until March for that (since it’s still being planned out).

Hope you guys like the new stuff I’m adding/will be adding~

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