Crimson does the 12 Days of Anime!

Hey guys!


So this post is just to let you all know I’m doing the 12 Days of Anime over on Twitter so come by and watch the 2:13 long videos I do. They’re just me talking about random anime related stuff for about 2 minutes LOL

At the end of the challenge (and at my own pace), I may expand some of these video posts into actual posts (lol) 

PS. I just realized that the con I mention in December (pshhh as if we weren’t in Dec already) is TOMORROW. I have work tomorrow so won’t be going but this weekend I might?! I do need to go out there for shopping and picking up library books after all…

PSS. Just realized there’s a hashtag for this and I got it wrong #FAIL

Also, it looks like something went wrong with the video as the last part doesn’t show for me?

ANYWHO, I hope you guys join me! If anyone is interested in knowing others who are doing this challenge, here is the spreadsheet with links! (I’m sure there’s more people but here’s some to start you all off with~)

Bye bye~

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