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Hey guys!

So it looks like it’s been a while since I last posted on here, almost a month! As an update on what I wanted to do for October, like many of my plans, I failed miserably (oh well). But moving along, I wanted to share a project I decided to start in October! If you’re frequently on Tumblr, maybe you’ve seen it 🙂

[Please share if possible]

HideKane Zine

Yes! I am the mastermind behind this Tokyo Ghoul zine centered around Hide and Kaneki MUAHAHAHAHA! Now if anyone doesn’t know, a zine is short for magazine. In our case, we are doing a fanzine so we’re compiling artwork and fanfiction for HideKane, and making it available to you all in book format!

I actually just picked the artists and some of the writers for this project already! And I’m super excited about this. It’ll be my first time organizing a zine but I’ve done some research and with everyone’s help I’m sure it’ll turn out great!

We are still looking for writers

A lot of zines being made right now hardly accept writing so I think that might have been one of the reasons we didn’t get as many writer applications. Because of that I decided to leave the application open for two more weeks!

The deadline to apply as a writer is Nov 16 at 11:59pm PST. 

This is a paid zine so if you get in, you’ll be paid for it. There is no set amount since I’ll just be distributing profits evenly among all creators. So the more we sell, the more we get paid!

Depending on page count, I may also let writers create artwork for their stories so if you want to create art, this is really the only way to get in now. However, I will be kind of strict on who gets accepted.

When applying

  • Please make sure you’ve looked over your work for spelling/grammar/basic punctuation. I am a grammar nazi and nothing turns me off as quickly as bad grammar (grammarly is free and SUPER helpful)
  • Make sure your stories are complete and display your skills as a writer

We will be having at least two people go over written work before writers get the final OK. One of them being our lovely aniblogger Lyn! Yup, she’s on board for this project too~

Final submissions have a max word count of 3,000 unless we tell you otherwise. It’s ok to write less or slightly more.

p.s. We want to get 10 writers total for the zine, which means there are 5 spots open, however, because we’ve extended the deadline this count is no longer guaranteed. If we can’t get 5 more writers at the level we need, then we will not be accepting more people.

Ready to apply? Go HERE

Can we do something other than HideKane?

I’m not going to lie. This is HideKane as in Hide and Kaneki in either a platonic or romantic sense (obviously SFW). A lot of the people who signed up are doing otp content, however, that’s not all you can do!

  • Hide&Kaneki: write a story about them as friends. In the series they are friends and nothing more so yes, you can write something like this. If you do this, the restriction is that Hide and Kaneki can’t be paired with anyone else (though you can try to convince me)
  • Hide-centric: write a story that centers around Hide. Heard of those theories out there about where Hide might be? Use those as springboards. Or maybe about Hide having been turned instead of Kaneki, how would that pan out?
  • Kaneki-centric: write a story that centers around Kaneki. Also, by Kaneki I mean Kaneki, shiroNeki, Haise, the OEK, one-shotNeki, and any other forms of Kaneki.

I am allowing any kind of spoiler content so if you’re up to date with the manga and want to write a “what could happen” then, by all means, write it (this could be Kaneki-centric or Hide&Kane depending on your spin on things)! We will have warnings at the beginning of each story. The zine is SFW but can encompass some gore because TG isn’t exactly a rainbows and unicorns type of series

And yes, AUs are totally welcome!

Buying the Zine

The zine is scheduled for a Spring release right now. That may change depending on how quickly our creators can work. The earliest I can see it being done is February, the latest mid-March.

The zine will most likely be sold via Storenvy and will cost around $15-$20 USD. This “packet” will include a physical copy of the zine and a bookmark. We will also be selling a Bundle Packet that will include the Zine/Bookmark, a charm, and a print (mini-poster).

  • Zine is 6″ x 9″ booklet, softcover
  • We are aiming for 80 to 100 pages
  • Minimum of 21 new art pieces and 5 new stories (regular packet)
  • Minimum of 23 new art pieces and 5 new stories (bundle packet)

As of right now (11/4), we haven’t decided if we are doing international shipping (outside of US). We still need to research this but we really want to do it.

And I think that’s all I wanted to share about this Zine. I hope you guys can help support this project by either sharing the news and/or buying when it comes out in the Spring!

Check out the official tumblr page!

Apply as a writer!

Ok time for me to stop procrastinating on the curry…(lol)

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