Taking an anime break, reading more, and other news from this fujoshi

Hey guys! So I wasn’t going to write this post because I didn’t think it was necessary but then I thought I probably should so people don’t completely abandon me LOL


New Content

These past few days I’ve been posting some reviews on books with more than 10 words per page with little to no images, aka. novels. I’m trying not to bombard you all because this is an anime/manga/yaoi blog before anything else but I just haven’t been feeling the anime scene recently so I thought I’d take a break.

You’ll be seeing more book reviews at least until September 4th. Also, included with new content are movie reviews, comic reviews, life updates (pertaining to my school life/projects/work/etc).

Because all of this is non-Anime content, I’ve added it to my site’s sidebar instead of the primary menu. Many of you might remember I’d been debating if I should bring this stuff here or not, in the end I caved and thought I’d do it. It’s just easier to manage everything on one site.

Once I get back into the anime groove I’ll try to balance out posts!

Reposting Reviews

Like many of you know, I post reviews over at UnimeTV, however, in the last few days some content has been lost. If you’re on twitter, chances are you know about this already but I’ll be re-posting that content on my blog. This is just a heads up in case anyone has deja vu when reading these articles.

I’ve already re-posted my review for Whispered Words volume 1 and the Skip Beat manga.

As far as I can tell reposts will be manga reviews and convention posts, which will be different from the originals because now I’m working from months after the events/my memory is bad. The Convention Page will be unavailable until I’ve posted everything up again.

Anime Break

I mentioned this in one of my posts for the 30 Day Anime Challenge but I’ll be taking a break from anime watching. I just haven’t felt like watching anything this season and if I end up posting stuff it’ll be my backlog from last season (Bungo Stray Dogs, My Hero Academia, Shounen Maid, Kabaneri) or just random shows I rewatch.

Manga and Fanfiction

In lieu of my anime break, I’ve been (surprisingly) reading a lot and I’d like to start posting about this. I always read fanfiction when I “go to bed” (lay down for bed) and it’s been a while since I last updated you all on what I’m reading. I do have two reviews in the making. One for The Trajectory of Laughter (TTOL) and the other for the Libertà Condizionale Arc of In Carcere.

I know I wrote sort of first impressions of these two and I really want to share the feels for TTOL, which has ended already, and In Carcere, which is moving along rather well!

LCS Summer Finals and Con-Alt-Delete

The year is now coming to a close and that means I’m now going to my last events of the year! I usually go to Yaoi-con around this time but I ended up deciding not to go because I went to other conventions I hadn’t planned on (Fanime, Colossalcon).

This year I’ll also be going to a League of Legends event with my brother who was pretty pumped about the Summer Finals being nearby. We’ll be in Canada in about two weeks and that means pictures and a post!! I really know nothing about LoL but my brother plans to make me cram before we leave.

As for CAD, that will be my last convention of the year, which will be hosted at Rosemont. I cross my fingers that by then I’ll be cosplaying Katsuki in his hero outfit and casual wear!! By this time I might also have very short hair. Why? Because I can’t seem to put on a wig otherwise, I just have too much thick and long hair but if I find a way around this I won’t cut it :”D

I’m going to be really busy until the end of December because…

School Starts Next Week!

This one is actually pretty important because it’ll dictate how much I’ll be posting on my blog until December. Classes start 8/22 and run until mid-December here at my community college but Crimson couldn’t just take 4 classes this time. I also ended up taking 2 other classes in the city, so in total I’ll be taking 6 classes this coming semester.

I’ve never taken more than four classes and never at two different colleges, which sums up my life until December.

I’ll also be working and even right now, just my job is taking a toll on blogging. I mean, all I ever want to do when I get home is go to sleep! Lol. Chances are I’ll still write stuff but it probably won’t get posted until much later when I’ve had the time to edit.

But you can all still find me on Twitter and if possible, I’ll still be attending live streams/sharing info on other people’s blogs!

I Applied to an Anthology!

If you guys follow me on Twitter (where I fangirl over OTPs), on Monday night I was madly tweeting about an anthology I wanted to apply to and how I was super nervous! Well, I did end up applying after a week of debating if I should.

I don’t think their website said when they would be done looking over applications/contacting writers but if I do get in (crosses fingers), I’ll be EVEN MORE busy than usual writing a 10,000 – 20,000 word story. I’ve NEVER written anything so long. I went and checked some of my stories and I think the most was somewhere in the 6, 500 range.

But once I get updates on that I’ll tell you all what’s going to happen. If I do get in I’ll write up a blog post. If I don’t, well, I’ll just tweet about it (unless I find out this friend of mine got in, then I’ll be on that so we can all purchase a copy, haha!)

Daiya Big Bang & Other Art Projects

Digital art is not my forte. I’m a traditional artist and anything involving Adobe products is a nightmare to me but I decided to go ahead and try doing digital work anyways. For my Daiya fans, you might be familiar with the Daiya BigBang, which started a few months ago.

I ended up applying for Pinch Hitter position, which means that if someone cancelled I’d be willing to step in as an artist. I never really thought they’d contact me but just the other day I got a message and wala! I am now doing artwork for this event!

In case anyone is curious, I’ll be the artist for Ssho25 and it’d be awesome if you went and checked out their stories (the one I’m drawing for won’t be posted until September)! They have one Daiya and one HQ fic on their ao3 account. You can also find them on tumblr and if anyone is curious, here is a preview of their BB story (they are writer #5)!

There are also other stuff I’m doing but that I will keep hush hush for now, lol! Just know it’s a lot and I’m super nervous about letting people see my artwork >_<

And I believe that is all I need to say, which I’m only now realizing is A LOT.

To those who already started school, good luck, you can do it!! I know a lot of people were really nervous because they were just starting college or were returning but had anxiety issues, and this might not mean much from a stranger who doesn’t know the situation but you’re all awesome, can do this, and this community has got your back! You will succeed, you will make friends, you will get awesome grades, and it’s going to be fun : D

Remember you’re not alone!

7 thoughts on “Taking an anime break, reading more, and other news from this fujoshi”

  1. I feel like I’ve not seen you on Twitter so much or spoke to you. I know you’ve been really busy now, I’m happy for you lisette, I remember not long ago we had a conversation about where you wanted to head in life and didn’t know what to do with yourself, now look at you 😄 I really hope everything goes well for you the rest of the year and You better message me on the odd Occassion Lita will come bother you if you don’t !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. of course i will!! xD yeah, i’ve been trying to be on a bit more but i get sleepy all the time and just, all i do is work eat and sleep LOL

      i was really nervous about doing all of these things because once you’re accepted you have to commit yourself to doing the projects and if you bail that sticks with you for any future projects. i was afraid i wouldn’t have time or that i’d procrastinate but i thought, if i don’t do this now i’ll never do anything so i just did…i’m still super scared but at least i’m trying?? xD


  2. I saw those tweets about you losing your posts, and that really sucks >_<
    Oh man THE TRAJECTORY OF LAUGHTER MURDERED AAAAH AAAH AAAH JFC AAAH, I also wrote post about it because my feelings couldn't be contained either xDD
    Good luck with the anthology! You're going to be super busy, but you can do it (★^O^★)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg i started rereading it and the feels are still there, i thought i’d be ok but just, damn, the way it’s told is super beautiful and sad ;-;

      I did see it! ahh
      thank you!!


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