30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

I think it was yesterday or two days ago when I tweeted that I shipped Keith and Lance from Voltron even though I hadn’t watched much of Voltron (I’m on episode 2 now). Then that turned into a short conversation between Mark and I, where he told me to back off of Shiro. Don’t worry people, he’s all yours, I don’t want him!

It was there that I confessed my type was “the bad boy loudmouth pyromaniac with explosive yaoi hands looks like he wants to murder you kind???”

Also, credit to Takuto for the explosive yaoi hands remark >: D

Day 7: Your Anime Crush

Oh hey! It’s Bakugou Katsuki, the guy I have on my blog’s sidebar and banner and on my twitter’s background picture…and my ask profile…and my facebook page…OK I know, I’m a tad bit obsessed with him!! Which is hilarious because I once vowed I’d never like him. How naive I was back then

But what’s attractive about this fiery bundle of anger?

His tenacity and confidence in himself (like dude, even when he’s been beaten he strives for that #1 spot and nobody, not even villains are going to deter him), his fighting ability and how it’s purely him (even when Midoriya copied him everyone was like hey those are Bakugou’s moves), his voice and character design (someone tell me he doesn’t look absolutely cool so I can knock you out), he never does things halfway (the Sports Festival arc where he doesn’t just settle with getting back his own stolen points) and how even if he knocks everyone down because he’s going to be #1 (DUH) he’ll also acknowledge his peers and defend them because where do you see fragile? 

He’s not completely insensitive and jerkish. Like, it probably doesn’t seem like it but after he got saved from the sewer monster he goes to Deku and says his spiel but if he honestly didn’t want to say thanks in his own little warped way he could have just not said anything and walked away (but no his conscious wouldn’t let him get away with something like that even though they both lived in opposite directions!!). Plus, let’s not forget the time after he was rescued~!

Also, Todoroki once pointed this out, Bakugou is smart. He may act like just a crazy rager but he got into UA at the top of his class, he can think quickly in the heat of battle, and he modified his hero outfit to compliment his strengths and make up for his weaknesses (that fight with Deku and the one with Uraraka).

AND GUYS, this is totally irrelevant but his kiddie self sings. HE SINGS. Oh my god I have watched that scene like 10 times and it still makes me gush and I want to see him sing now

Omg I’m emotional right now let’s end it here

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