30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

Two or three anime seasons ago I started watching so much anime that I became impressed with myself. I didn’t watch everything that aired but I watched enough that if I thought it were good, I’d continue and not have that curiosity eat me away once people posted about the series.

Unfortunately, I am now on an anime hiatus because too much of a good thing is bad for you, yes, even anime. And again the nerves have started and part of me wonders if I should just go ahead and watch something (but then I remember that I just don’t have the strength to right now lol)

Now, I’m sure everyone’s list is neverending and honestly, mine is too but I decided to keep the list short and only picked two!

Day 6: Anime You Want to See but Haven’t

I know I’ve been telling myself I’m going to watch OPM, I’m going to watch it…and then I don’t.

It was super hyped when it came out because everyone who had read the manga was super pumped about it and then suddenly…not a lot of people have been raving about it? At least I haven’t heard much, so I’m thinking, should I just let it go? Part of me wants to but the other is really curious because I totally ship Saitama with Genos and I’d like to have canon background info to kind of “back up” my shipping

I even went so far as to check out the manga from my local library because I usually prefer it to the anime. All I ended up doing was acquiring crazy fines…

The other series is Tokyo Ghoul √A

Before everyone tells me it sucked, I know, I know. I’ve been told so many times but I’ve also heard people say it was OK and just that little bit makes me want to go check it out. But why haven’t I? Because I’m a HUGE FAN of the manga and knowing it deviates from it is really killing me. I mean, I watched like the first episode and knowing Kaneki doesn’t crack half of Ayato’s bones had me crying. It was such an intense scene in the manga and for it to be removed…yeah, I cried

But I’ll watch it! Because I like to torture myself and see/read everything about a series I love

5 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

  1. Oh man, I haven’t watched OPM either or Academy of Heroes, but I find it’s okay. I only watched attack on titan last month, and I’m glad I waited, I ended up loving it without bias or too much fanfare blasting me. I like watching anime once the hype dies down and I can watch it in peace, mostly.
    That means I have a HUGE ass backlog to watch and read, but I find the waiting makes them better. Plus it’s better to watch it and enjoy it once you’re in the mood, whether it’s 5 years from now or 20, than forcing to watch because of the fanfare (>y<)
    I’m also a bit of a “watch it all at once” so time between sessions tends to cool me down and I won’t pick up the series until years later and when it’s finished, if I feel in the mood (^_^;)
    It’s okay, I feel you and when you watch them you’ll like them better if you’re interested/in the mood (^v^)


  2. I really wish I hadn’t watched the second season of Tokyo Ghoul. It just made me feel bitter about the entire story when the first season blew me away with how amazing it was. The first season offers no closure though which is why so many of us trudged our way through season 2, but honestly if I could go back again I would definitely not put myself through season 2 and just settle for an amazing but incomplete viewing experience.

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