30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4

One day last year my brother made a challenge. He assured me there weren’t any (or hardly any) female characters in anime that I liked. Why the challenge? Because every time I watch a show I’d be like, ugh I don’t like her. Additionally, he told me I couldn’t list any main characters to my list because, ‘If I didn’t like her I wouldn’t be watching this show,’ so I thought, I can do this.

In lieu of that I made my very very short list [My Top] Minor Female Characters in Anime/Manga because I found he was actually right…luckily for me this challenge doesn’t have all these restrictions so I can post ANY female character I want!!

Day 4: Favorite Female Character

And the crown goes to Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat. I first stumbled upon SB when I was in eighth grade during a school fair and I decided to pick up volume 1 of the manga. Let’s just say I fell in love with this beautiful woman.

Even after having her heart broken by the people she loves, she still goes forward and uses the hurt for something positive. Her not-boyfriend used her as a maid and then dumped her? No worries, she’ll get her revenge by joining showbiz and becoming an actress so out of his league he’ll forever remain in her shadow! And to a degree she’s accomplished this goal. Starting off in the Love Me section because she can’t feel love for others, Kyoko has grown into a great actress and overall person with the help of a quirky cast of characters.

I also really like Kyoko because she’s really smart, easily thinking on her feet when the need arises (the commercial idea she did with Kanae/the father-daughter script), passing her classes with flying colors, and just the way she understands and absorbs the characters she needs to portray.

She’s admirable, devoted, hardworking, really nice but deathly honest, and overall inspirational. Even some of the characters we meet in the story are inspired by her tenacity and skills!!

At the time when I first picked this up, Kyoko was also a very simple person. She looked like someone you could see anywhere and wasn’t afraid to show her enthusiasm, as well as her little grudges. And even after her whole makeover I still felt she was relatable.

For these reasons Kyoko Mogami shall forever remain as my #1 Favorite Female Character. I hope she finally finds happiness : )


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