30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3

If I thought yesterday’s favorite question was hard, today’s is TRAGIC. A favorite male character? Are we seriously going to ask this fujoshi to pick from her Deviant Armada?! That’s even worse than picking out a favorite child!! And what do you mean by ever?

But alas, I must answer the question…but I’ve been known to cheat at board games (ha ha) and so I’ll do the same this time around ; )

Day 3: Favorite Male Character EVER

If anyone has seen the new look of my blog…my current favorite character is plastered all over the place! He makes up my header, my little sidebar picture, I retweet his face a couple hundred times on Twitter, and yeah, I kind of really love him. Which totally baffles me, I mean, look at his rude ass being a little shit!

ERM I mean, look at him cursing up a storm!

But Bakugou Katsuki has grown on me as a character and I just love his development from when we first met him, he’s a really smart guy, he’s super confident in himself/his abilities, he won’t take any sh*t from anyone, and just his overall fighting prowess is beautiful. I love the way he fights, his powers (pyromaniac here, hehe), and just his overall character design (not to mention his voice LOL)

But if we’re talking about an EVER character, I don’t think I have one since my favorite male characters change as quickly as I move from one hell to the next. As it sits, my three favorite male characters right now are Bakugou Katsuki, Izuku Midoriya, and Todoroki Shouto. And not purely for…yaoi reasons of course (≖◡ ≖。)

If we step outside of this BNHA hell I’m in and I don’t mention characters I’ve already listed in my Armada, I’d have to say Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul is another favorite. I know a couple people don’t like him because he’s a “weak” protagonist but I just love him and think he’s so strong. Just, ever since his date with Rize he’s had to endure so much and I admire how he’s handled situation after situation. I don’t think I’d ever be able to do half the things he’s done

And I just really want something to go right for him but it’s always one mess after another. Has anyone been keeping up with the updates?

Personally, TG:re is hard to keep up with because there’s so many characters and so many groups plotting now but some of the latest chapters just broke me. They were so sad and gory to a level I didn’t expect this to go (which is saying something because this manga has been gory since the beginning)

But yes, these are some of my favorite male character not ever but currently (there’s more but let’s not make this a list because then I’ll never stop : P)

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