30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2

When I started this challenge I hadn’t really checked what kind of questions were on there and honestly, I didn’t remember anything aside from ‘favorite couple’ from my last attempt but now I’m realizing this is going to be tough because I need to pick favorites…FAVORITES!

And everyone knows we don’t just have one favorite of anything…

Day 2: Favorite Anime Thus Far

A newer anime, I’m going to have to pick My Hero Academia because it’s the only show I’ve ever watched multiple times. I think I’m already on my 7th rewatch and my 2nd re-read of the manga…

It’s actually funny. Initially I wasn’t going to watch this show because it was about heroes (peh, heroes, HA) and it was getting a lot of hype.

Overall I tend to stear clear of hyped shows for awhile. For example, I didn’t watch Attack on Titan until about a year after it aired and it was fanart of Mikasa and Eren that got me to watch (I thought she was a guy LOL). I also still haven’t watched OPM or that re:Zero (?) show that recently aired. And the heroes aspect…well, it just had this American heroes/comics vibe and all I could think of was the Marvel/DC heroes and honestly, I don’t like them. So that’s why I wasn’t too excited about this.

But then I thought, I’m doing first impressions, I’ll just check it out, besides Magnitude Reviews is recommending it (and who says NO. to a fellow blogger?)

In just the first episode I was hooked though my impression of a certain blonde wasn’t all that great (I thought he was a dick…ha ha ha…)

I guess I just fell in love with the art, the animation, the characters (except for Bakugou at the time), the strong emotions (I’m not going to lie, I cry every time I watch that scene between Izuku and his mom), and the story. And as I continued watching I even started to like Bakugou enough to dub him as one of my favorite characters!!

I’m even a fan of the female characters! And when does that ever happen : P

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