30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

So I noticed quite a few people just finished/started doing this anime challenge and honestly I’ve been out of the loop lately (trying to catch up). I’m not exactly sure who started doing this but I figured I’d try my hand at it too!

Honestly, this is my second time doing this challenge but the first time I did it, I probably only got to day 4 before I dropped it. At the time I hadn’t been watching too much anime so trying to answer the questions was pretty hard. Since then I’ve watched a lot more stuff so I think I’m up to taking the challenge this time and possibly persevering!

I’d also like to do the manga and yaoi challenges so look out for those once I’m done with this one! (I’m actually more excited about these two hehe)

Day 1: First Anime

Like the majority of people I know, I grew up watching anime without knowing it was anime. As a kid everything was cartoons to me until I watched Inuyasha so I’ll dub that as my first anime. I probably started watching it when I was in 4th/5th grade and I only know this because I did a project on Rumiko Takahashi for Women’s History Month. Yeah, a lot of people advise you not to show your weeb but apparently I never received the memo LOL

I don’t actually remember what pulled me in about the show but it always made laugh and I thought it was cool that this normal girl was somehow transported back in time to fight evil demons and all that jazz. Not to mention that Inuyasha had dog ears!! He was my first anime crush :” )

Before Inuyasha I also watched your typical 90s kids anime like Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, etc. And by watching Inuyasha on adult swim I was also introduced to shows like Evangelion, Samurai Champloo, Case Closed, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, Paranoia Agent, and a lot of your older/classic anime.

Unfortunately, my memory has never been all that good so I’ve pretty much forgotten all of what happened in some of these anime (which I suppose can also be a good thing because I can rewatch these shows and re-experience those feelings I had before haha)

23 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

  1. I noticed how many fans like us don’t notice on what is anime until we realize it. When I was little, I always thought they were weird cartoons. I kept saying it until I almost went to the 6th grade XD.

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    • same here! they all just looked different from your ‘normal cartoons’ and then you realize it’s anime xD and even then i only realized shows like digimon/pokemon/yugioh were anime until recently @_@ LOL

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      • Yeah they were different XD. If you think about it, I hear some people cringe on the idea that calling anime like Pokemon or Inuyasha cartoons but we used to do that before we became fans. We used to call them cartoons. It’s funny on how we see them back then XD.

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        • i think inuyasha was the more anime of the bunch to me, just because i knew that kagome was japanese and it was in the feudal era. shows like digimon, pokemon, and yugioh always felt like they were happening in their own little world so they never really registered as ‘japanese’ to me until way later (even now pokemon and yugioh still give off that vibe to me) lol

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          • Oh yeah your right. I never noticed until you mentioned it. Inuyasha would be consider more “anime-ish” because of the story’s settings. I haven’t seen Digimon but I know what you mean by Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Each had their own world and it could have been anything. When I was little, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh took place in America.

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  2. I think the first anime I watched that I knew was anime might have been Evangelion, but I’m not sure it was a decade and some years ago xD;
    It’s funny that I never saw a lot of the classics from the 90’s, I only saw the typical ones because Conan and etc never showed here, plus there were a lot that I never knew were showing xD;

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    • oh i was really into evangelion back in the day which is really weird because i don’t watch it anymore, i think it was shows like that one that really stuck out as anime to me, totally not what you saw in your normal everyday cartoons @_@

      did you ever go back and try to watch some of the older anime? i know i’ve been meaning to rewatch ghost in the shell because of the movie that’s come out and the one that’s coming out but i just haven’t because it’s an older one xD


      • Evangelion was a total mind trip xD
        I haven’t rewatched it or seen the movies since a decade ago maybe, I tend to rewatch xD;
        Well…there’s a few I want to watch again because I saw them with PT dubs and would like to experience the original, and some older anime that I’ve never watched and do want. But I haven’t yet.
        The only anime from the old era I’ve rewatched completely was Escaflowne~
        Tho I did try watching Ranma and Urusai Lum, after a few EPs I got tired/moved on because sports anime called me. I feel I’ve gotten spoiled by the newer anime style, camera and etc, so it’s harder to watch old ones as the years go by @_@
        Oh man, I haven’t watched anything of GiTS yet :”D

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      • Yeah! It was on TV at the time and at a good time too (9 PM). Naruto was on at 10 PM which was too late for me at the time. My mom said I had to sleep. T.T After discovering that we could watch online, we could watch all the anime haha~

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        • i cant even remember what time i watched it at xD but naruto was on at 10P? really?! :000 i know i watched inuyasha on adultswim so it had to have shown after 10pm but naruto i watched on cartoon network, maybe toonami?? i can’t remember @_@

          oh my mom didn’t know i was watching adultswim, she’d kill me if she knew i was up so late!! (though there was that one time she found out LOL) watching online is actually something newer for me. back when i first got into anime i bought the dvds so i have a lot of older series xD

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