MHA Events and Goodies!

Hey guys! So I wanted to post this while I was in California but internet issues kept me away. A lot of the deadlines for the following events are now over but there’s still goodies to be expected in the future ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

As a warning, most of these are for yaoi shippers, keke

TodoDeku Zine

Artists have already been chosen (list) . I decided to apply knowing I wouldn’t be chosen because I rarely finish anything and hardly post my stuff online, hehe. But I’m still really excited about the release of this zine and all the tododeku shippers should be too!

The zine will be $15 + shipping costs

This project is being run by a really nice artist/cosplayer named jessie that I recently met at Fanime! Go check out their twitter (@todorokishoutos) and/or tumblr (@shouto)!

⭐️PLUS ULTRA⭐️ Fanzine

Artists have already been chosen (list). This was probably the first one I found and soon after I applied I heard there were some hundreds of applicants. Basically, I knew I wouldn’t get in but I figured I’d try anyways, haha.

The zine will be open for preorders around August and will be ready for shipping in late October.

This zine is for general bnha so no ships if possible. The tumblr page doesn’t give information on who is running this project or how much the zine will cost.

Sun For All Zine

Artists have been chosen and emailed. A list will be released soon. I actually found this one when I was in CA already so I wasn’t able to apply before the deadline, which was July 3rd

Unlike the others, this zine has a summer theme and all profits will be going to the Association to Benefit Children in support of their Camp Calvin program. For more information you can check out the organization’s site.

The tumblr page doesn’t give information on who is running this project or how much the zine will cost.

Secret All Might Exchange

Participants have been contacted and given their assignments. I have no idea if a list of participants will be released. Unlike the zines, this one is a little different because it’s an exchange/ secret santa type thing

Basically, people applied and requested artwork/fanfiction and then gave information about what they were willing to write/draw. Then the organizer paired everyone with something that fit those guidelines.

ex: my application ‘I want some tododeku, papa all might, and some papa aizawa. I’m willing to draw anything that doesn’t go into nsfw territory’

(this wasn’t actually my application lol)

And I actually got to participate in this one! I’m so happy (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ ) because at least I made into one of them! But yes, the exchange is supposed to go live  mid-August and mid-way checkins are in a few days so I need to get crackin!

Everything will be posted on tumblr (art) and ao3 (writing). I applied as an artists but part of me wonders if maybe I can also do a fic because I really liked my prompts and I feel inspired ~

This project is being run by grace and you can check them out on twitter (@mizukihisahitos) and tumblr (@hajimeiwaizumi)!

I’ll be leaving more updates on all of these projects as they start releasing more information! Also, I didn’t list another zine I found because I can’t find it anymore…it was a KiriBaku one and if I find it again I’ll post about it!

TodoDeku Week

This event started on July 9th and if you follow me on Twitter you guys might have noticed my joy at this starting because now I have more tododeku content to keep me occupied!! The event continues until July 15th and is being run on Tumblr.

There are prompts for each day but it’s not necessary to follow them. On the last day those works that didn’t follow the prompts will be shared (need to #tododekuweek)


July 9 – Day 1 – Heroes & Villains
July 10 – Day 2 – Fire & Ice
July 11 – Day 3 – Strength & Weakness
July 12 – Day 4 – Past & Future
July 13 – Day 5 – Proximity & Distance
July 14 – Day 6 – Winning & Losing
July 15 – Day 7 – Beginnings & Endings

Like all other ship events that I find, I want to do something but I’m not sure if I will (there’s stuff in the works but who knows if I’ll be putting it up anywhere).

If you like tododeku, be sure to check out the tumblr page/track #tododekuweek and if you want to participate look at the rules before submitting!

KatsuDeku Week

Is it a coincidence that this ship week starts right at the end of Tododeku week? I THINK NOT! Ahhh, another of my ships, I’m really excited for what people create, especially when the rules say that there must be consent! Finally some healthy bakudeku?

There are prompts for each day and works must be #bakudekuweek!


(July 15) Day 1: Happy birthday Izuku! / First times
(July 16) Day 2: Childhood / Confession
(July 17) Day 3: Alternate universe / Crossover
(July 18) Day 4: Domestic / Food
(July 19) Day 5: Festival / Hot springs
(July 20) Day 6: Mountain climbing / Adventure
(July 21) Day 7: Graduation / Pro heroes

If you like Katsudeku then be sure to follow the tumblr page/track #bakudekuweek and if you’d like to participate look at the rules before submitting!

(i think i might actually do this one just because i have more time to plan haha)

And those are all the zines, exchanges, and ship weeks that I know about! I am super crossing my fingers that a tododekubaku week pops up right after bakudeku week because that would be AMAZING. My three ships back to back to back (hehe backs)

Or maybe even todobaku…

Anyways, if you guys find any other My Hero Academia events you should tell me because I want to know 😀

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