Monthly Update: I can’t believe it’s been 2 months!

Hey guys!

 : So as I was browsing through my blog and gaining inspiration from past me (and also changing my theme again), I noticed it had been awhile since I last updated you all on my posts outside of this blog! Two months and a few days to be exact…

As many of you know, I am also a contributing blogger over at UnimeTV and Otaku Gamer Zone and I often link my posts for those who want to check them out. At Unime we have some bloggers covering some of this season’s popular shows weekly so if you want to talk with someone after checking out My Hero Academia or re:Zero or Kiznaiver, come visit! If you’d like more gaming content I’d say go to OGZ. Either way you’ll find some awesome content from some amazing bloggers!

Now then, THE LIST (wow, I actually had to search and check with two of my last updates because it looks like I missed some things somewhere, oops):

Recommended or Not? Uchi-con at the University of Chicago


So it looks like I forgot to post this in my last monthly update but basically, I went to Uchi-con in January and this is my report on the one-day convention! Do I recommend it? YES. If you are in the area and you like anime then it’s definitely worth it. Very family friendly but also educational

Recommended or Not? My First Time at Naka-kon


Both Takuto and OGZ were going to be at this convention and since I wanted to go on a road trip I thought, why not go here? It was my first time going and I was pretty impressed! Enough to want to go back next year! and no it wasn’t just because I snuck into the sake tasting panel…

Manga Monday: An Armload of Fighter Girls


One of my all-time favorite manga series, I DEFINITELY think you all should read this. The art is amazing, the story kickass, and the relationships break my heart! Whether you like your girls flat chested or busty, this will give you a little bit of everything

Manga Monday: It Takes More Than Guts to Survive in Showbiz!


My shoujo list of recommendations is very EXCLUSIVE ACCESS so only the best of the best can get in. Well, this series reigns supreme and has yet to be knocked off its #1 spot since 2006 (when I first read it)! Enter the world of showbiz with this maniacal and hardworking soul in need of healing and love~

The Skip Beat Kickstarter was also successfully funded so you’ll all see a post with all my goodies once I get them :3

Manga Monday: We’re just friends…!


I reviewed the first volume of this yuri manga a few months back and said I’d continue it. Well, here are my thoughts on volume 2! It’s really great and I loved it more than the first. Ah~ the tragedy of teenage love

Manga Monday: On the Ethics of Cloning


Ever wonder what the world would be like if there were multiple copies of you? What it’d be like when your purpose in life had already been decided and becoming a failure was akin to death? Another really great title, Afterschool Charisma touches on a future where cloning is booming.

Manga Monday: Kobato, there is a place I want to go

81U6t6mRBpL.jpg (1104×1560):

Oh hey! I also wrote about this one on my blog, hehe, though this one is a much shorter review with no fangirling, either way, the thought is the same: check it out!

Gaming Review: The Wolf Among Us


My first ever game review! I was looking for something visual novel-like and got this recommendation. I really enjoyed it and cross my fingers for more (because I just couldn’t get into the comic)



Yes, I did finally get around to doing the visual novel review! I know, it took me so long but I just couldn’t get the words on paper. Recommended because it’s free 😀

The Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream Kickstarter (that I joined, I know I know, I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist! lol) for a prequel Visual Novel to SC2VN was successfully funded!

And these are all my most “recent” posts. Hopefully, you all enjoy them and like always, the manga and games are listed under my Review section.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Update: I can’t believe it’s been 2 months!

  1. Read it, read it, read it . . . no JK LOL I do the same thing. So you also look back on previous posts often to find inspiration from past self showing you up? I do that waaay to often, and then I don’t even write anything >.< Thanks for the update!
    ahhh, Naka-kon ~ Next year we gotta have a plan, ya know?

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