3 Day Quote Challenge Day 7!

Hey guys!

I was nominated for the 3 Day Quote challenge by the lovely Otaku Gamer Zone a while back and I am now posting this. If you’re wondering why this is Day 7 instead of Day 1…well, my other blog was nominated twice and instead of having 3 Day 1s I thought I’d have it be Days 1 – 9.

If you’d like to check out the previous days please go to my Awards – 3 Day Quote Challenge 🙂

Inspirational #Quote http://www.kidsdinge.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/kidsdingecom-Origineel-speelgoed-hebbedingen-voor-hippe-kids/160122710686387?sk=wall http://instagram.com/kidsdinge motivational quotes #motivation:

Anyone like photography? Well, here’s a photography life quote analogy? Yeah, that, haha. Basically, this quote says it all and there were others I could’ve picked (like ‘when life gets blurry adjust your focus’) but there was something about the completeness of this one that I liked. 

I especially like the ‘if things don’t work out take another shot’ (yay for digital cameras!). I feel like I often stop when things don’t work out. I end up in a slump, sometimes I get out soon while other times it takes me a while, and even worse, sometimes I can’t get out. Luckily, there’s not many things that will leave me at a dead end for long 😛

Right now I’m also trying to find the ‘important’ of this picture, which always eludes me because there are so many things I want in my life. So many things I want to label as important when I know that some things aren’t important enough. Especially in terms of my career. I mean, I know I can do everything I want but I need to place things in order instead of doing a little of everything and never getting anywhere

23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt:

And I leave you with this word that has only a photography relation to the quote, haha. I love taking pictures!

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