3 Day Quote Challenge Day 6!

It’s almost over! HU-RRA-AY…OTL

Ok, so this is getting harder for me to follow through on, haha. I was just writing up some stuff and randomly remembered that I hadn’t posted my stuff for today! But no worries guys, I have made it, late but still today 😀

For today’s quote I’d like to continue from Day 4’s romance theme. While that day I talked about the fearful side of how I view love, now I’d like to talk about love in the 2D world of books.

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I am sure that the readers can certainly agree with me here. I know authors will describe a character when they’re initially introduced but soon after I completely forget what the character is supposed to look like. The characters become their actions for me, their words, and how they interact with others. Their feelings. Everything but their appearance. Then their appearance will be mentioned again somewhere along the way and I’ll just be like, huh?

It’s probably because of this that I also feel so unsatisfied when books turn into movies. When that happens there’s such a war about who should be the protagonists (he’s not hot enough, not young enough, she’s not pretty enough, they don’t look good together, etc etc). Sometimes I go out and watch the movies for books I’ve read though mostly I don’t. If I go out and see the movie, the actors take the place of the characters, and then the magic is lost to me.

yeah there was one book I read and the fifth line he said made me fall in love completely:

Just out of curiosity, who is your current novel crush? Right now I’m a big fan of the Dragon and Agnieszka from Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It’s a book I finished reading a few days ago and I was just devastated to know they only got two intimate scenes. Like, why can’t I get them to be cuddly or have them dance at the festival as all the drunk villagers watch them in fascination?! *takes deep breath* 

Before these two I was really into Chaol from the Throne of Glass series, of course, with the latest book I’ve come to dislike about 90% of the cast (so I just pretend it didn’t happen). Haha

Ok guys, this will be the last entry for My Fujoshi Life. For Days 7-9, please go to A Caffeinated Book Lover! Thank you Raven Fern and Marvelously Mismatched! 🙂

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