A Capable Man by Hinako Takanaga

Hey guys!

Here is another update on the manga reading challenge! I’ve actually already read six different series but because I’m so slow this will only be my third post concerning Hinako Takanaga’s manga…haha.

This manga has 4 stories (I Like Exceptional Guys!, Something to Hide, How to Satisfy Your Fetish, and Kleptomaniac) so I wasn’t expecting much development when I started reading. Like my previous Takanaga reads, I really liked the art, however, I wasn’t too happy about the stories. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this as a must-read. Probably as an ‘I really need something to read/if you ever get to it’ read only.


This book fulfills the prompt a slice of life or comedy manga. On MAL this manga is tagged with comedy so I’ll be using it for that genre.

The first story for the manga is called I Like Exceptional Guys! and follows the romance between Shingo, who loves exceptional men, and his best friend Koji, who can be defined as an exceptional man. It’s two chapters long and then there’s a bonus chapter at the end of the book showing us how their lovey-dovey lives are working out.


Out of the four stories in this book I’d probably say this was my least favorite. Why? Because Shingo (bottom) forgives Koji (top) for raping him on the grounds that Koji is adorable when he’s flustered and embarrassed. They continue living their lives like normal, although Koji seems to be more affected by the whole ordeal, especially when he can’t figure out if Shingo rejected his feelings or if he’s being teased with excessive physical contact. 

In the end, they both confront each other about their emotions and Koji finds out that Shingo’s clinginess meant that he liked him back.

I feel like I would have enjoyed this story if the whole rape issue hadn’t been added. The way it was handled was very unrealistic and it really bothered me, which was sad because there were some cute moments between our two protagonists.

The second story, Something to Hide, is a simpler story about a forbidden relationship between Junya and his teacher Yusuke. Because it’s only a chapter long there’s not much to say about it other than that it’s cute.

Junya has been trying to convince Yusuke that they should live together but every time he tries to argue a point Yusuke shoots him down immediately. It gets to a point where Junya thinks Yusuke is cheating on him (because he’s got multiple shampoos) and he decides to quit college to break things off.

Worried, his parents call Yusuke so that he can knock some sense back into their son. In the end, Yusuke relents and decides to show Junya why he didn’t want them to live together.

“I didn’t think I could keep this from you forever anyways. You’ll know come the morning.”

Turns out Yusuke has a major case of bedhead and he’s gotten a complex over it because his ex-girlfriend laughed and dumped him over it. I face-palmed at this story because his reason just sounds so retarded but it was also a very adorable read. It ends on a happy note and a very moe Yusuke!

The third story is called How to Satisfy Your Fetish and like the title suggests, this story is about fetishes.

We have Daisuke, apprentice chef, who makes it his duty to always make great food just to hear his instructor Kazuya’s sigh of pleasure…that is, until he realized that the faces Kazuya makes when food is terrible are ten times sexier.

“It’s better than pornography. Hits just…the right spot!”

And thus, his sadistic side comes up. However, it doesn’t just stop there as with more incidents, Daisuke adds more fetishes to his list that initially started with a voice kink. Personally, I didn’t really enjoy this story (but also didn’t dislike it). It’s kind of just there for me, haha. I think I felt like this because I feel nothing for the characters.

And for our last story, we have Kleptomaniac! This story seems to go hand-in-hand with the previous one in terms of weirdness…

In this story, we have Yanagi who, after watching Tsuchida brush his teeth one day (and finding it erotic), finds that he can’t keep his hands off Tsuchida’s belongings! Then one day he happens upon Tsuchida in the bath and watches him towel down, mesmerized, and once more his body reacts and he’s halfway to taking Tsuchida’s towel when his target asks what he’s doing. Embarrassed, Yanagi tries to play it off by asking what brand the towel is but in his mind he’s already planning on how to swipe that towel!

Of course, Tsuchida isn’t completely unaware of what’s going on as he mentions to his friend one day, “It might be wishful thinking.” And like all stories the two end up together and Yanagi’s kleptomania is…slightly cured.

Out of all the stories I think this one is my favorite in terms of character design. In all the other stories the characters kind of gave off the feeling that they were being mass produced (except that what set them apart was their personalities), but here the characters look ‘real.’ I think it’s the hair…haha


But yes! That is all for today 🙂

The stories weren’t bad bad but they also don’t leave an impression. I know the author writes a bit in the afterword about how this is a weird collection (agreed) and that a lot of the characters are SEMI-SICKOS (it’s in caps, haha, and yeah I agree), so I’ll use her words to explain how I felt about A Capable Man.

Hoping the next read is better!

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