Manga Overload + Ohfuckyaoi [Q4]

Ok, I’m going to add these two in the same post because why not? I’ll do the non-yaoi question first, haha

4. Character you are most like/wish to be like

So because of my rule to not repeat manga/shows I sadly can’t pick Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat (who would be perfect for who I would wish to be like) which means I have to pick someone else! And that someone else will be Battler from Umineko: When They Cry

The reason I wish I were like him is mostly because he’s super smart! In the manga his purpose is to save his family from this cycle of killing that they’ve been trapped into by the Witch Beatrice and her Prophecy. The only way to achieve this is to prove that his family was killed by a human and not through some supernatural force. Unfortunately, some rounds become harder as the game progresses because there’s no possible way that the acts committed were by a human.

He has some really nice arguments for each scenario presented and it’s like a cat and mouse game. Sometimes you think Battler is winning only to have the prize swept away last minute by Beatrice’s red words (anything in red is absolute truth).

His tenacity is also very impressive. Since the beginning you know he doesn’t believe in magic or other supernatural forces (which is why the games started, Beatrice’s goal is to make him believe that she’s a witch so that everyone can go to this so-called paradise) so when he’s playing the game he always tells himself there’s a solution. He does this thing where he ‘flips the board’ in order to look at different perspectives, which I thought was cool. I think it’s hard to see things in different ways when you’re desperately trying to save your family and even though there are times when he’s all but given up, hope comes back and he’s ready for the next round! 

There is one thing that I don’t envy him and that’s the fact that his family’s older generation (aunts, uncle, and even dad) are all squabbling over his grandpa’s fortune. Their greed and his grandfather’s debt/obsession to Beatrice. But for the most part he’s loved and he gets along with all his cousins/parents, which is always a plus!

I would definitely check out the manga though I have to warn that the books are bulky! Each book is one of those $18+ priced ones that look like they have 3 volumes in one. So far there are about 11? Genres are mystery, horror, drama, suspense, supernatural, and psychological. I’m on like volume 8 so I need to start reading, haha

Next question!

4. An anime series you think should have been a yaoi


If I had to be honest I would have to say that every anime should be a yaoi but that’s just my fujoshi mind taking over. If I really only had to pick one though…I would probably say 07 Ghost (my thoughts).

I would pick 07 Ghost because I don’t think it would take away from the anime (?) and because then my fantasies would become reality, haha. There’s just a lot of yaoi anime that just doesn’t spread out of the fan service department and it would be nice to have something with an actual plot. Here, instead of Teito being really really good friends with Mikage and them telling each other they love one another (I don’t think I’ve ever said this to any of my friends), they could be a real couple.

Like, Ayanami would be sending Teito’s lover to murder him! And then Teito would be forced to kill his beloved because Ayanami was a jerk bastard that messed with his soul making Teito’s depression connect on another level. How Mikage would have struggled between choosing from two of his families, the one he grew up with and the one he wanted to have a future with! Then Teito’s reason for fighting and continuing would be for the memory of his beloved lover Mikage!

And then in the non-existent season 2 Frau would be placed center with Teito as he tries to sooth away Teito’s pain over Mikage’s death. They’d end up getting closer, and closer, and I don’t care that Frau is a bishop! Because seriously, even his scythe wants a bite of Teito :9 Of course, all the pretty ladies wouldn’t know that either characters swing that way and they’d be all over them (Teito totally has a nun harem haha).

I wouldn’t know how this ends because volume 17 isn’t even out yet (?) but I’d say they have a happy enough ending…hopefully…don’t want someone else to die…

Ok, that’s all, haha

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