Manga Overload: Day 3

GAH, if I really had to pick someone…I’d probably go with Sui Ishida because he doesn’t have a lot of manga for me to choose from, haha. There are some other favorites that I could have chosen but then I was like but I don’t like that one manga they did but I do this one...And since Sui Ishida only has Tokyo Ghoul under his belt (that I know of), I then like 100% of his stuff.

Things that Ishida does in TG that I think are great (there’s obviously more stuff but I’m trying to keep this short, lol):

  • The idea of having a human turn into a ghoul and then craving human flesh is just really interesting! Just the world that Kaneki enters where people are automatically considered monsters because they’re ghouls and trying to find a place for himself but not really succeeding because he can’t seem to identify who he’s turned into, it’s all really great
  • While the art style starts off pretty iffy (don’t they all), the art gets really good later on! I especially like the details of the character’s kagune and the high contrast that’s used during fights
  • There’s lots of gore (body parts flying around, eating people, puncturing the body, mutilation, etc)
  • I like how evil the antagonists are (Binge eater Rise, Jason with his torture, Takizawa in the sequel, Mado and his hate for ghouls, The Clowns, etc)

I guess one of the ‘bad’ things about the manga is that the first one (Tokyo Ghoul) ends without answering many questions, but then you find there’s a sequel manga (TG:re) and that starts to delve into those unanswered questions while also introducing new content (oh god TG:re is so amazing right now!!).

Why it was split up into two different series (or whatever you call it) I have no idea, but at the same time it really keeps things together since there’s a time skip and a shift in focus in TG:re.

Also, there are side stories that expand on the characters, like TG: Jack (we learn more about Arima and his younger days as an investigator) and TG: Joker (focus is on Juuzou and his partner Hanbee as they investigate the group Skull Masks). There’s also a one-shot of what Tokyo Ghoul was going to originally be about (I like that it didn’t take that route), which was a funny read. I haven’t read Jack yet because I didn’t like the art but I’m hoping to come back to it because it has Arima in it!

So yeah, I really recommend the manga, especially if you were disappointed with the anime and if you liked the anime, well, you’ll most likely enjoy the manga too 🙂

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