Can’t sleep [Reika Update]

Hey guy!

So I can’t seem to fall asleep for some weird reason and I thought I’d post something real quick (because I’m bored!)


Picture that Reika took of a poster for the Cosplay festival

I was on Twitter browsing through random stuff and I ran across a tweet by Yaoi-con announcing that their (with EMW Partners) Reika SF Anime Festival After Party tickets would be selling for only 3.5 more hours! Of course it’s already over so yeah…

Anyways! What I wanted to say is that I won’t be able to go and I’m super depressed about this! So far I’ve been able to attend her debut con (Anime Matsuri), surprisingly her second con (Yaoi-con), her second visit to Houston (Anime Matsuri), and this year I’ll also be going to Anime Weekend Atlanta for her fourth con! I’ve been on a roll! But then I quit my job and this happens…

To think I’ll be missing a chance to see her! (My mom thinks I’m crazy, following Reika to all these places haha)

But yes, Reika is currently in San Francisco’s Japantown area and I’m here in the Midwest, so far away…haha

For those of you that are curious, this is what the After Party bundle included:

  • After Party ticket
  • Raffle tickets (Reg: 2, VIP: 6)
  • Complimentary drink
  • Front row seats to Reika’s makeup panel (VIP)

VIP tickets were limited and are no longer on sale, cost was $35. Regular tickets can only be bought on-site now for $25, cash only.

Raffle tickets seem to cost $2 each. Possible prizes include:

  • Give Reika Kabedon!
  • Receive Reika Kabedon!
  • Take a shot with Reika
  • 2 Full Weekend VIP Badges for Yaoi-con!

Here is the EventBrite link!

If you’re attending, have lots of fun and give Reika extra love for me (pretty please) haha, Also take lots of pictures and share with this poor soul >.>

Goodnight! (Or morning? It’s like 2:40am haha)

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