Free – Eternal Summer English Dub

This was dominating my Twitter feed and I thought I’d come and share! (˶′◡‵˶)Personally I’m not convinced with the dub but that’s because I’ve found myself totally in love with subs lately (I’m so biased), haha

Can watch on the Funimation site under Free – Eternal Summer for free (if you have a membership, otherwise I believe you can only watch the sub)



Rei Ryugazaki – J. Michael Tatum

Nagisa Hazuki – Greg Ayres

Makoto Tachibana – Johnny Yong Bosch

Haruka Nanase – Todd Haberkorn

Rin Matsuoka – Vic Mignogna

Momotaro Mikoshiba – Jerry Jewell

Aiichiro Nitori – Josh Grelle

Funimation also asked these VAs a few swimming questions, to read them go here! And on information about dubbing season 1 here!

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