Grainerie (Chapter 9+)


He is tall mmmm

How can this be?! There’s been an update since I last read!! And it looks like it’s going to be getting exciting from what I browsed through, be careful you two this guy is seriously putting me on edge! Ah!

*starts reading like mad*

I can’t help but see Shirotani in Abel and Kurose in Lucas…haha

3 thoughts on “Grainerie (Chapter 9+)

  1. Now that you mention it, I , do see the characters from 10 Count in Grainerie but in my opinion the guys in Grainerie are way hotter despite them likely never getting together. Just why?! Such potential wasted.

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    • I know ;__; I so wanted to dub it yaoi but then I had to step back and breathe, no not yaoi haha 😛

      It was kind of random that I noticed the resemblence, for some reason it wasn’t so apparent before, grrrrr they are so cool and handsome and I hope the seed police ppl don’t get them! >.< though abels really soft too

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